Team Ethanol say thanks

I just got this in my inbox from Jane, from Team Ethanol. They’re participating in the Greenfleet section of the World Solar Challenge in a Saab 9-5 BioPower and I’ve been following their progress for the last few days.


Hey Steve,

The Team just made it to Ayers Rock. So I have a beer in hand and a few minutes down time that I can finally respond to your great email.

Thank you (and your readers) deeply for following us. It’s a lonely existence for the 10 days and it’s boosted our spirits tremendously.

We will publish the consumption figures that were achieved and also the emissions data. We had it independently tested as well in Alice Springs and the owner of the emissions place said he’d never seen anything like it in terms of keeping a consistent flat line. Syd our team mechanic will write that up as it’s way too technical for me.

It only cost us 4 Team Ethanol stubby holders as well to get the emissions check, so we were doubly pleased we didn’t have to pay!

Speaking of which, we have some fantastic World Solar Challenge stubby holders from our sponsors United Nations of Beer. Am quite happy to send you 4 so you can raffle off 2 (and keep 2 for yourself) if you want. They are collectors’ items and certainly been a big hit amongst the teams here in the WSC.

If you’re interested in that, just email me your address and I’ll post them to you when we get to Adelaide.

Should you need anything else, please keep in touch. As I said, our Team was over the moon to know we had people following us.

Kind regards,


Team Ethanol


So, thankyou everyone from Team Ethanol and yes, I’ll be emailing Jane my address to get those UNOB stubby holders. I don’t drink beer myself, but I think they’ll make a fantastic addition to the upcoming competition prize pool.

It’ll be interesting to see the data they manage to collect from this run. This is a vehicle donation well “spent” on Saab Oz’s behalf.

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  1. Well done folks!

    Although I have some reservations about the idea of promoting environment awareness by driving 1000’s of miles (BioPower e85 is not emission free!), what the team does is still inspirational stuff.

    I love a good old adventure and expedition as much as any 19th centry explorer and I thinkt he human spirit of a conquiring a challenge can not be denied.

    Best of luck for the rest of the trip and now if you folks can turn them beer into fuel I’d be even more impressed :).

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