The 9-3s and Aero-X at Sewell Saab

Sewell Saab in Dallas recently had an evening event to launch the 2008 Saab 9-3.

Apparently the assembled crowd had a great night. As you’ll see here the cars looked brilliant, and the Sewell Saab showroom certainly set the scene nicely.

Ubermich was there and managed to snap off a few shots.

2008 Saab 9-3

Click the following shots to enlarge:

Saab 9-3

Saab 9-3

Saab 9-3

And what’s more, they had the SaabUSA replica of the Aero-X in attendance as well.

Saab Aero-X replica

Now, there was a bit of a kerfuffle about this. Apparently some people weren’t too happy that there were photos of this floating around. Well, close-up photos at least. This replica has obviously been made with a view to it being seen, but some people don’t think it should be seen up close.

It’s a replica. The important point is that people appreciate being able to see the design language that’s going to shape Saabs in the future. They get to see it in 3D, right in front of them. The fact that it’s a replica only becomes an issue if you try and hide it. I liked seeing it so much that I made a new wallpaper out of it.

So enjoy seeing the Aero-X replica, as much of it as could be photographed, in a beautiful setting. Now the curiosity’s over, let’s forget about it.

Saab Aero X

Saab Aero-X

Saab Aero-X

Saab Aero X

Saab Aero-X

Saab Aero X Replica

Saab Aero X

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  1. There are 3 Sewell Saab locatins in the Dallas area. They each held an identical event. I attended the one last night (Thursday) at the location on Lemmon Ave and the scene was much the same. Seeing the DRL’s in the dark was a treat. And seeing the Aero treatment side by side with the base 2.0T really showed just what a difference the extra design work makes. Only complaint: just one SportCombi and it wasn’t the Aero.

  2. Just for accuracy’s sake, these were all at the Grapevine showroom.
    As for the Aero-X, considering it was a mockup, it looked absolutely stunning. Many of the features were done so well you’d have no idea they were constructed from such a cheap material (I won’t mention it just yet, but it’s neither Aluminum nor Fiberglass). The reps that came along said there is one real Aero-X, which has been retired to the museum as we all know, and one model. So seeing this model is still just as rare as seeing the real concept, but still leaves the prestige of having to go to Sweden to see the real deal. Over-all, I was very impressed with the entire atmosphere and with the Aero-X replica. If Saab has any issues with posting real pictures, they’ll just have to give me a call/email. They’re not going to hide it forever anyway, and IMHO the craftsmanship that went into this model is absolutely amazing – almost as amazing as the design of the car itself!

  3. I wonder who at Saab designed those wheels for the 2008 9-3, they’re really ugly imo, the standard wheels on the pre-2008 was at least OK.

  4. I think the less we have to see the aero-X, the better! Anyways… speaking of future SAAB design language, has anyone seen the new Jaguar XF model that is arriving soon. To me, it looks very much like some of the renderings we have been seeing of the upcoming 9-5, especially from the profile and all rear angles.

  5. I don’t get it – why do we europeans have to give up on those side leds?? I like’em? If its a matter of safety standards, than why does every BMW 5 series have it nowadays???

  6. concerning the Jag XF – that’s correct – the rear looks like the new 9-5 backend! and if you take a look at the interior you will find a sort of indirect [though blueish] lighting that reminds me of the aero x as well !

  7. Ubermich, during the Aero X Canadian debut party in May 2006, the former head of Saab Canada told me there are 4 Aero X fully-featured models built, at a cost of around $2.5 million each. (This was in response to my question about development costs.)

  8. I do not get tired of looking at that Aero X.
    As my old boss used to say (about beautiful women):
    ‘soft on the eyes’.

  9. About that first photo taken outside…

    Did anyone else say, “wow, that silver 9-3 looks absolutely stunning!” Then I realized it’s an MY07!

  10. Yeah, I thought that silver car in the first pic is the best looking one of the bunch, but I didn’t ever mistake it for a MY08. The different door handles are subtle, but the black strip on the side and those wheels instantly betray it.

  11. Quick. Someone please tell them THEY HAVE THE RIMS ON BACKWARDS! They’re rolling the wrong way. The turbine should be pumping air out, not in. Look at some live pics.

  12. Ted

    HAHA, that’s hilarious. You’re actually right!! I checked the aero-x micro site where they state:
    “And with good reason. They’re shaped to draw air from around the brakes”


  13. The same idea comes from EV-1 and you can see it on the link from Ted Y´s comment. And Super Aeros found from 900 T16S 92-93 – same idea. Draw the warm air away from the brakes.
    That was good find. It´s very funny nobody there did not notice it 🙂

  14. I believe (and hope for sure) that we´ll see real details from Aero X design in future Saabs. Not like ´08 9-3 where there´s actually only the new curve on a bonnet straight from the Aero X. Everything else is more really “inspired by Aero X” – colour, deeper center of from grille and what else?

    But if they would´ve insert Aero X front to the 9-3 it really had been stupid move. Think of all the Saab facelifts. They all have been quite modest and in the style of older version, if you like. No dramatic changes and sometimes you cannot even see the difference if you´re not really into cars.

    9x, 93x and 9-3 SportHatch were the ones where new facelift ideas actually comes from. Add some Aero X DNA and there´s MY08 front.

    Maybe the next gen 9-5 will shows something more dramatic. 9-4X is going to be the first real step to that direction, i think. Cannot wait to see the first 9-4X concept in real pictures.

    Thanks for Übermich for the pictures! Very nice shots. That Aero X is just brilliant!! I cannot have enough watching it. Hopefully I´ll see it in flesh some day.

  15. re the replica aero-x’s turbine wheels being backwards:

    “That was good find. It´s very funny nobody there did not notice it.” –Marko A

    i still don’t notice it. the only difference i see is the patina. the real aero-x’s wheels look chromed, whereas the replica’s don’t.

  16. It´s the direction. They should be installed to the opposite side – from Right to left. Turbine is now rolling to wrong direction and sucking air in, not out!

  17. I bought my 07 9-3 Aero Sportcombi from the grapevine Saab dealer. Erin Gundy was masterful at finding and having delivered the color & trim that was on my wishlist. Sadly, I did not get to the Aero-x ogle party.

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