The glamorous world of blogging

Interesting bit involving prizes below:


If entries are a little slower in the next 24 hours it’s because this is the time I’ve set aside to do this:


What you see there is a few of the unresolved URLs I’ve got since the changeover to a new blogging platform back in July. I moved from Movable Type to WordPress and whilst the usability of the platform is good, I’d never have done it if I knew what the after effect would be.

The addresses you see there are the ones that were in Google’s index prior to the changeover, and Google don’t like it when these change. As you can see, there’s 762 left in the ‘Removed Content’ section. They’re the ones that I’m having to hand-edit in the database so that the URL’s match.

Step 1 – split screen so you can see both Google and WordPress.
Step 2 – Sight the Google URL then find the entry in the database.
Step 3 – Check the URL and then hand-edit to match the Google version
Step 4 – Request that the removed content be re-submitted back into Google’s index
Step 5 – Go back to step 2 and repeat – 762 times.

The glamorous world of blogging.

I’ll still be posting stories amongst all this, so hang around.


The interesting bit.

After enjoying the Plate My Car competition so much I’ve decided to run another one. I’ve got two great prizes sitting here already, all I need is the competition.

I’m thinking of a photo contest, but your ideas as to what theme or challenge would be appreciated…..

So whilst I’m doing the tedious stuff above, put your thinking caps on and leave me some ideas please.

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  1. Hey Swade, did you change something within the past week or two? At work I’m getting an error right at the end of the page loading process, then IE promptly changes the Trollhattan site to a beautiful 404 screen. The only way I can view the site is to stop it in that 0.5 seconds between when most of the site is viewable before the error pops up. That’s why I’m wondering if the change is something to do with the last part to load…
    Also, down in Texas we just got our very first truck of ’08 9-3s! I’ll be sending you my pictures later today. They haven’t even been PDI’d yet.

  2. Competition ideas:

    A photo of your Saab parked next to a car that’s most opposite/antithesis of it. Higher marks for being period-specific.

    Documenting an actual action or decision made by Steve Shannon in the last 6 months.

    The best winter weather “this really happened in my Saab” story.

    What should the next Saab marketing campaign slogan be and why?

    Finish the ‘top 9’ list. Come up with a ‘top 9’ list with the last (#1) entry blank. The best answer wins!

  3. That’s Gold, Eggs. I love all of ’em. But I’m thinking the photo contest could really be a goer.

    I had thought of getting peolpe to shoot their own Saab TV ad (the prizes are reasonably good) but that might be a bit too much.

  4. “The best winter weather โ€œthis really happened in my Saabโ€ story.”

    To be objective for this competition the date to send entries after closing should be set 9 months later ๐Ÿ˜€

    – Name things you could have bought instead of paying for upgrades & addons to your Saab and state that you still stand behind your decision… Service & repairs don’t count ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Swade: Maybe just accept plain video, it does not have to be whole ad. Nowadays even most mobile phones have some video capturing capability. Just specify the max length and size ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Maybe differ between cut & uncut entries …

  6. I like the idea of parking your Saab next to another car of the same model year, and in one shot show why the Saab is the better looking car.

  7. Photo Contest: Dumb things done with SAABs.

    Photo Contest: It swallowed what?! (Think SAAB load hauling capacity, you dirty git)

  8. “Documenting an actual action or decision made by Steve Shannon in the last 6 months.” -eggsngrits

    I got some canned Saab Servey asking about how my service experiance was at my dealer, and it is lithographed by Steve Shannon — Do I win???

  9. Nevitz: great, now that you’ve shown that you’re holding aces, nobody else will enter, so that contest is shot!

    Pap: great comment about the winter mishap, but it’s open to the ‘years-ago’ entry, so if progeny are thw result, so state.

    Finally, on the photo, you could have another category of ‘I almost bought this carN but I bought the saab instead’ for entries of as a separate contest. Again, must have photo!!

  10. I like Eggs’ first photo idea because it doesn’t hinge on the photo actually being a good photo. I am a horrible, horrible photographer, but I have lots of ideas for that contest :p

  11. eggs, i actually did that. i booked a test drive in one car and took out the one next to it as it looked far better and bought it. the sales man said “do youstill want to test drive the one you came to see?”

  12. A simple contest (of sorts) suggestion:
    Photograph your local Saab dealership…also in this way, we can get an idea of the variety of Saab merchandising exposure in our various parts of the world. I know we write about it, but being a visual person, it would mean more to me to see them.

  13. Eggs’ ‘Antithesis Photo’ idea is a cracker. There a certain vehicles that come to mind as being the antithesis of the Sportcombi but not available here in Oz… hang-on I’ll just go down to any Saab dealer and take a pic. Hummers and Saabs, oh yeah!

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