The ladies of the 2007 Australian International Motor Show

Yes, Richo photographed the cars, but he’s also got an eye for the ladies. And if you’ve ever been to a press day for a motor show you’ll know that they’re there in abundance.

So here’s a collection featuring just some of the models brought in by the car companies for the day. I’m hoping to get a rather special video up an running shortly, where you’ll actually hear some of these fine women talk about what they’re missing the most from the motor show this year.

There’s a collection of larger photos here at Flickr.

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  1. I nearly forgot that Trollhattansaab was a website about Saab vehicles for a moment after checking out all of those ladies (and one gentleman – nice touch) in the video montage… Good job.

    Hmmmm, I wonder if the college would consider sending me to Australia for some update training or perhaps a conference….

  2. My vote goes to that petitie brunette with the eyes -on the end of the line of blondes and brunettes at the right in the little black dress number…

  3. You’ve got me in to so much trouble swade….

    It was all about the content and you, the audience.

    To my darling…..take no notice.

  4. That one with the man-boobs was seriously bad and without warning too! That sort of thing can do serious psychological damage.

  5. I thought some might find that one amusing, Turbin. I was actually reasonably kind and cropped the photo. It was nasty below the beltline.

  6. Nope straight after the Suzie.
    TRD i think, in black like cat girl.
    She looks like a false ranga though.Curtains not matching carpets.

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