The ladies of the Australian International Motor Show – Part II

I told you back at the slideshow that there’d be a second part to this……

As you may know, I was unable to attend the Motor Show myself this year, so Richo had to go it alone. Here again, we have some of those lovely young women from the AIMS, but this time on video. Richo got them all to record a personal message.

Now, the next thing to figure out is whether this is aimed at me or SaabUSA’s Steve Shannon…..


And if you’re looking for cars from the AIMS, they’re here ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Ken is such a freakin’ geek.

    Richo: If you can get those chicks to claim to ‘miss’ Swade, you must be awfully successful with the ladies. Kudos. And, I hate you.

  2. I miss you too Steve.

    And that lady from the Audi stand , did she just get her head released from a vice or what?
    German cars,German girls and the German language do absolutely nothing for me.

    Great stuff though Richo

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