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Autoblog Green are reporting that Underwriters Laboratories are finally ready to begin testing, and thereafter certifying, E85 pumps. Why is this important?

Up until now, filling stations that are serving E85 haven’t had any coverage from UL, which basically means that they’re open to all sorts of legal action if something went wrong at the pump.

Once these babies are certified it’s a major barrier removed with regard to the opening of new E85 pumps and the spread of the alternative fuel. SaabUSA must be pleased.


Saab and Art – Part 1

I understand cars as art when they’re done like this:

Art Mini

….but what’s with this?

Apparently this 2007 Saab 9-3 sold for £30,000 within five minutes of going on sale during Frieze Week in London. Looks like a regulation Saab 9-3 to me.

Art Saab

The Art Newspaper (pdf) said of the “piece”:

Michael S. Riedel is showing a new Saab 9-3 (2007). Like Prince’s project, this piece— already sold for £30,000—is intended as an ironic comment on the roaring mercantilism and conspicuous consumption of the contemporary art circuit.

Now look. I know we Saab types are supposed to be intelligent and discerning types, but what a load of crap.

Unless there has been something very special done to this car that we can’t see in this photo, I’d say some rich idiot has just paid through the nose for a car he/she could have bought brand new and a lot cheaper by themselves.

The artist normally shows in the US, so if he bought the car there for around US$30K the he must be laughing his arse off.

UPDATE: Actually, he’s German, lives and works in Frankfurt. This is one of the precious few German sales, then?? Even if it’s an English sale the Aero version starts at £25K, so again, the artist is laughing all the way to the bank.

Of course, maybe he replaced the leather with a luxurious blend of duck down interwoven with the pelt of a baby fur seal or something.


Saab and Art – Part 2.

Saab Australia will once again be pressing the flesh with the rich and famous in the exclusive Birdcage Bar at the Melbourne Cup – Australia’s biggest horse race.

….the company is building a “Convertible on Ice” marquee in the Birdcage enclosure for the Melbourne Cup carnival — complete with an “ice bar” that will be chilled to minus 30 degrees.

“The Saab marquee has always reflected our commitment to style and design. This year our aim was to push the boundaries and create something unique that will leave a lasting impression,” says Saab’s Emily Perry.

Ah, if only I lived in Melbourne still.


Saabs and Art – Part 3

Saab Germany sponsored the Documenta Art Festival once again this year. This much we knew.

What we didn’t know is that they also ran a Documenta blog.

It’s in German so I can’t understand a word, but there’s a couple of videos there with some cool graphics and then interviews of patrons at the festival.

What I found amusing was watching one video where our host, talking through a microphone whilst sitting in the Saab convertible, drives away as a segue to the next bit of the video.

All good, except the microphone wasn’t wireless, with the cord clearly visible hanging over the door. He he. I’d love to see the bit of video they cut from that one.

They also have a link to “Saab Welt” (Saab World) which would also be interesting if you know the lingo.

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  1. Surely the ice bar at the cup requires some gonzo-journalism coverage of the type that only RIcho can provide?

    To ignore this opportunity would be to insult the spirit of Phar Lap.

  2. The Art Newspaper said that “this piece— already sold for £30,000—is intended as an ironic comment on the roaring mercantilism and conspicuous consumption of the contemporary art circuit.”

    And you, Swade: “The artist normally shows in the US, so if he bought the car there for around US$30K the he must be laughing his arse off.”

    See? See how the artist’s intention was fulfilled? 🙂 That was the point! And the fact that he was able to make the point by selling the car so easily is the ultimate irony: he’s “laughing his arse off” at the

  3. … ”roaring mercantilistic and conspicuous consumption of the comtemporary” ”rich idiot”! 🙂 That was a great moment!!!

  4. Tiago, I had similar thoughts as I pushed the button on this one. But still, why would someone with the mental capacity to get themselves in a position to afford it not see that the artist’s joke is on them. Then again, not all wealthy people are smart, I guess.

    It must have some sort of artistic enhancement that can’t been seen in the photo. i looked for quite a while but couldn’t get another shot of it, nor a description beyond that published above.

  5. I bet it’s as regular as a Saab can be. 🙂
    (I think an “artistic enhancement” would make it too obvious for today’s standards, and the joke would slip.)

    And you’re right: some rich people buy art for other reasons than understanding it. 😉

    Or maybe the buyer got the joke, and bought it for the fun sake.

    What I know is that the artist must regard the Saab 9-3 highly, to exibit it associated with his name.

  6. Swade, you neglected to mention the Plucky Swedes managing to hold good old Northern Ireland to a 1 all draw last night. Cheer up lads I think you did well against the lambs…

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