TS Map goes kaput

I hadn’t checked it for a little while, but it seems the software for the Trollhattan Saab map has gone haywire.

No-one’s showing up on it at the moment.

It’s a shame as I liked the feature and I think people enjoyed seeing who was around them. I was certainly going to find it useful for sourcing TS reps at motorshows etc, too.

If anyone knows of a good product that does something similar, please let me know.


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  1. Funny — the people and pictures are still listed, but there are no marks on the map. I have to think that they will work it out. Either that or Frappr is in the crapper. (Sorry)

  2. I would guess that the best solution would be a Google map on the server Swade is using for this site. Probably take either some scripting from Swade or (more likely) assistance from the server admins to get the Google APIs up an running.

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