Maybe this will become a once-a-year thing?

Last year I wrote at The Truth About Cars with regard to the Aero-X and a few other things.

This year, it’s a primer on all that’s going on with Saab in general. Well, as much as I can fit into exactly 800 words.


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  1. Very informative and constructive writing, 100 times better than the usual journalist who doesn’t really know much about the brand and the history.

    I read a few articles TTAC has about the 9-5 and it seems the reporters and readers of TTAC don’t have much positive to say. Sadly, I also silently nodded in agreement to some of their statements and findings.

    It’s nice to see such a refreshing look on the brand without bashing other makes. Well done!

  2. Swade, your article was very well written. A good snapshot of where Saab is at the moment.

    But man, the commenters at TTAC are harsh.

    The one comment that made sense — the proof is in the pudding. If the product rollout between now and 2011 happens as predicted, it will be great. But GM can change its mind, and has done so before.

    I was particularly offended by the gentleman who described Saab as just another boring Toyota-like car. Obviously the man has never driven a Saab, especially a 9-3ss.

  3. I agree that this was a great opinion piece and was very informative for the average car enthusiast who probably knows next to nothing about Saab.


  4. That’s it. Once the TWATs are over, I’m never going to TTAC again. It just isn’t worth it.

    I liked the article, but everyone there is a moron, and they apparently can’t be bothered to actually read an article and think about what it said before parrotting the same tired buzzwords (I swear, the next person that says “badge engineered” around me is getting a shovel badge engineered into their head) over and over again like a bunch of sheep.

  5. Jeff, I was just going to comment, and see that your comments echo my feelings exactly. Just a bunch of adolescent blind-following-the-blind to be among the popular majority—idiots. I made a positive comment there (saabyurk), but there are very few others there.
    Swade, great article, but I’m afraid you’re just throwing pearls to the swine. 🙁

  6. What Ted Y said times 10.

    When people say Saab needs to update their lineup, what do they really mean? They mean bigger and faster. And they are wrong. Let these other companies make the mistake of growing their sedans.

    I recently took a 9-5 on a 1750 mile trip and I found out a few things.

    * The car has outstanding power and my highway fuel economy was 29/30. And this is outdated technology? I know, I know, it should be a V6 with a little less horsepower and getting 27/28 MPG.

    * The back seat is more comfortable then the front seats. And the front seats are very comfortable. This needs to change?

    * The car is a dream on 2 lane roads. You can pass on a dime when starting from 70 MPH. Apparently there needs to be less acceleration and more engine roaring during this movement?

    * The car works beautifully as a touring car but also feels very nimble in city driving. This is kind of rare folks.

    * We needed to display a piece of paper on the drivers side of the windshield so security gave us the paper and a piece of tape. We told them we didn’t need the tape as we had a Saab! That was worth about $1000 right there.

    I beg you Saab, be careful with the changes.

  7. Saab has a problem identifying themselves in the market place and their products are not that competitive. I think the comments on TTAC is probably the view of many average consumers.

    Let’s check out the midsize V6 competition in the USA:

    BMW 328i: $32,400
    Saab 9-3 Aero: $35,365

    What does the Aero have over the 328i? Low-grade leather vs leatherette, Xenon lights, 20 more hp, 17″ wheels, stiff and sporty ride.

    What does the 328i have over the Aero? Better interior, better resale value, status (good and bad), comfortable ride, Bluetooth, and an iPod option. Equip the BMW with nice leather for $1,450 and you’re still paying less than an Aero. You can even get AWD for an extra $1900. Of course the 9-3 will have XWD soon but that will take another year for the less expensive models to be available.

    Of course Saab has their perpetual discounts which makes them far more attractive. However, it would be best for long-term pricing stability and trade-in values to lower the MSRPs and stop offering discounts.

    What Saab needs to do is take the 2.0T Arc ($28,385), put the V-6 in there and price it at $32K. Their price increase for the 9-3 Aero of $2,600 from MY07 to 08 will make it a very difficult year, regardless of their new front-end.

    I am not trying to be too negative and only try to imagine the opinion of the average car buyer. If you would look at brand X unknown to you and see they have a midsize 5-year old car with a new nose, a 10-year old car (their flag ship) with a 4-cyilinder and a re-engineered Trailblazer in their line-up. Would you be that interested?

  8. OK, so I’m just catching up. GA, Jeff, Ted, Wulf — ditto.

    Whatever. TTAC isn’t truth. It should be TMOAC, The Mainstream Opinion About Cars.

    Excellent comment, Rod. Glad to hear that the 9-5 serves you well. I think I feel a purchase coming on…

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