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Prior to all that Detroit show stuff next January, I’m heading off to Melbourne to drive the 2008 Saab 9-3 at the Australian release of the car. That’ll be next week. It’ll be good to get a feel for the petrol models after only driving the TTiD in Sweden.

I’ll hopefully get a chance to sort out just what configurations are coming here, and maybe even ask about the Hirsch situation.

By the way, I wrote to Saab Australia’s supposed Hirsch guy a week or so ago about when it might be coming here and have yet to receive a reply.


Team Ethanol have now completed day 2 of the World Solar Challenge. They covered some 700 kilometers or so today and are now in Tennant Creek.

I’ve been in touch with the team’s media manager, but their ability to get in touch with people is limited as they’re out in the middle of nowhere and have better things to do than supply me with fuel consumption figures. Their latest post does mention, however, that their fuel consumption seems to be going down as the temperature outside goes up!

Looks like they’re having a good time.

Ethanol Saab


Does anyone else find Facebook’s rather useless after the initial fun of setting it up dies down?


Site sponsor, Saab of Hunterdon, have edited some existing video and put some new music to it. Seen before with some heavier stuff in the soundtrack, but always good to look at.

It’s posted on their blog.


Daniel linked me up with this image, done as a concept from a designer listed at Car Design News. His name is Thomas Lemaire and this is something he calls the Saab HE.

Saab HE

I’m not too sure about where that fits in, but I definitely like this:

Taras 9-3x

I found that doing a search for Saab at Car Design News. It’s by a guy called Taras Czornyj and according to his CV at CDN he’s actually worked at Saab for a little while.

I think the CV’s somewhat out of date, though. The name was familiar and I figured out why. He’s now teaching design and one of his students is Niklas Palm, the guy behind the Urmus and a few other things I’ve shown here on the site.

Come back to Saab, Taras!

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  1. I’ll be very interested to read the fuel economy numbers when Team Ethanol completes the trip. I would imagine they’ll be on the high end of what can be expected running on E85, as there are likely very few traffic stops during their journey, so all mileage could be considered “highway” miles.

    After reading the post below about how Bengt’s friend’s BioPower 9⁵ combi only got 18 liters/100km (13 mpg U.S.), I’m a little worried about the BioPower fuel consumption. However, he did point out that his friend’s car was towing a caravan… Still, given such poor economy the diesel option (with diesel’s excellent towing torque) would seem the way to go if you had it available (meaning you don’t live on the American continent).

    Am I mistaken or is it that in Sweden you can get the 9³ with either the BioPower 1.8t or BioPower 2.0t engines, but the BioPower 9⁵ is only available with the 2.3t engine?

  2. Swade and Dinger, I agree with your assessment of facebook. Our family uses individual family blogs to post family pictures and articles. Facebook is too much work when we already have our own blogs. Maybe I’m just getting old.

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