Turbo X at the Nurburgring

Just a photo, but I hope there’s video coming.

Thanks to Joachim for spotting this one!

Saab Turbo X

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  1. A common thing with stiff suspension. You see it all the time in touring car championships. 🙂

    The Swedish vehicle registry data says 184 kW (247 bhp) for this car.

  2. I’m guessing the antenna is either a radio to send telemetry information to engineers at a base station to look at in real-time, or perhaps it’s to communicate via radio with the driver.

    I’m worried that Saab appears to be tuning their cars for the Nurburgring, an environment 99.9999% of Saab drivers will never find themselves in. Well, I guess it’s good that it’s the Turbo-X they’re doing this with, but I understand the 9⁷X Aero was also tuned there.

    If they want someone to test a car in hot weather stop-and-go freeway driving, they can always loan me a prototype for testing on L.A. freeways. Just make sure it has ventilated seats! 😉

  3. I dont think the cars are tuned for the NS, but testing there is very important because that track has every kind of curve imaginable…. + that if Saab would publish a decent BTG time it would help the image of the car in the eyes of people now driving german “premium” cars…

  4. A Saab driven as a Saab should – born from aircraft industry !

    To me any performance car must be checked to cope the Nordschleife even it shouldn’t be the #1 criteria in optimizing the chassis and brakes.

  5. Grip, the ‘ring laptime is a big deal in Europe as yo can see from previous comments. It can help develop a car the right way but the biggest benefit of a good lap time will help nail the image of fast Saabs as torque steering soggy handling nightmares.

  6. Are we sure that’s an X?
    The wheels do not appear to be the darker colour of the X’s.

    Also, (and one of my crticisms of the X) how could you easily tell – it doesn’t exactly look very different to a more mundane Saab 9-3 aero.

    ctm seems to confirm this by the engine rating which is not the 280bhp.

  7. Maybe its the new 9-3 TS Edition? Swade said the other day that posting would be light due to fact that he had to “work”. Yeah right… Maybe he just popped off to Germany and took it around the Nordschleife to verify the suspension tweak before the Detriot auto show, where of course he will present it? 😉

  8. Definitely looks like the front spoiler from the Turbo X judging by the lower lip and horizonal bar through the air dam, neither of which appear to be on the Aero. Let’s hope XWD worked and sent minimum torque to that flying rear wheel!

  9. Hope we hear what the lap time was.

    The antenna, OnStar, “You are currently in the Karussell on the Nürburgring, your left-rear tire is in the air, you need to shift soon” 🙂

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