Turbo X News: major market allocations

UPDATED: Australia and France added.

Forgive me if I’ve missed your market, but I would like to keep track of the total market allocations so please send your market allocations in again if you know it.


Hot off the press comes news of some of the bigger market allocations for the Saab Turbo X.

I know many of you have been wondering about this so that you can figure whether or not you need to rush in and slap your cash on the counter.

There’s only a few countries on this list, but the rule of thumb to work by here is that if your country isn’t mentioned then you’re getting less than 50 – UPDATE – now counting all markets as they become known.

Here goes:

    US – 600 units
    UK – 500 units
    SWEDEN – 175 units
    CANADA – 125
    GERMANY – 90
    AUSTRALIA – 30
    FRANCE – 50


A couple of surprises there. I guess Switzerland get the number they do thanks to Hirsch.

The difference between the allocations to Sweden and the UK is also surprising. I’d have thought they’d be a little more even.

Finally, there’s no big allocation for Spain. Being in Saab’s top four markets hasn’t helped them secure a bigger slice of the Turbo X pie, but then again I think Spain’s growth has come almost totally from diesel, so maybe it’s not that much of a surprise.

So there you have it. I’m not sure when order books will open, but at least you’ve got an idea of the competition you’ll be facing.

Saab Turbo X

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  1. I guess that the concept of the “Black Turbo” hype was mainly Brittish. Here in Sweden, although the black three-door was very popular, it didn’t have a “tag” like in Britain.
    Could that explain the figures?

  2. Swade – Africa is off the radar screen – any specific reason or is it perhaps that GM Southern Africa has not done enough lobbying?

  3. Living in the UK I am not sure why we have such a big share. Lots of articles in car magazines about how big engined cars are not holding their value because of running costs. There must be plenty of people with money to spend. I wish I could run one.

  4. I just went yesterday to check out the new 9-3s; they are awesome. However, no one absolutely no one even asked me a thing. In fact I walked around the lot for about 5 minutes then I walked inside to ask questions and get a brochure. The door chimed to alert them that someone came in… no one came. I could hear them talking in the office but, no one came. If I didn’t love the cars sooooo much I would never buy one. The dealer experience is what can kill any sales success Saab can have. The dealer experience can make a huge difference in keeping owners. I previously owned an Audi and forget about learning a thing or two about interiors… Saab could learn a thing or 3 about customer service.

    My friend who I convinced to buy a Saab went to the same dealership and had the same experience… he bought another make.

    All the technology in the world and advertisement will be wasted without good…no GR8 customer service.

    Sorry to go on like this but, I am passionate about these cars and would like to see all 500 Black Turbos sold but it is discouraging to know that the dealers can be as much a part of the destruction of Saab as GM.

  5. Good to see Canada getting 125 units, I’ll bet 100 or so of these will go to Ontario and Quebec – one hopefully will end up parked in my driveway.

  6. @ ctm

    i heared that 80 units of the turbo x have sold during the IAA to Germans. so theres 10 left?!?!?!

    but your right saab has a lot of potential here in germany… 🙂

  7. Perhaps there’s less interest in the Turbo-X in Sweden because due to easy availability of ethanol to fuel the BioPower models?

  8. @jc7222

    Sorry you were discouraged by your dealer experience; my Saab dealer experience was actually one of the bigger reasons I ended up in a Saab.

    It was great (again, just my experience) to go test drive a car and just be handed the keys & asked, “So you’ll be back in about a half hour then?” I LOATHE the normal dealer experience of having some idiot hound me like a lost puppy dog & prattle on about some nonsense while I’m trying to experience the car … I’m there to decide if I like the car, not see if the guy is capable of selling me on the car; and I found my visit to the Saab dealer a great breath of fresh air.

  9. Ditto on no information from my dealer in Edmonton (western Canada). The sales guy I spoke to doesn’t think we’ll even see one out here, but I suspect we should see at least one in each of the major cities – Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg. I’ll have to check with a more senior sales person there that I’ve jabbered with before to see if he knows any more than the young buck who brushed me off once he determined I was only interested in seeing one and not buying one that particular day.

  10. Is it possible that external issues are a factor here? In some locations insurance for a high-performance car will be very expensive,and in others, registering cars of certain displacement or output will be expensive.

    Likewise, dealers in some markets (perhaps Spain?) are focused on luxury rather than performance.

  11. @jc7222,

    Which country are you in jc? I had the same expereince in Manchester, UK. The staff don’t look like they want to be there.

    Toyota and Lexus wins awards all the time for the dealership because their staff actually seem to care – they ring you up after a serivce to check if everythings to your satisfaction.

    Saab Manchester can’t even be bothered to contact me to arrange a test drive of 9-3 I booked thorough SAAB UK’s main website. It’s a good thing I’m a SAAB fan, if I were a Audi/ BMW driver looking for an alternative and gets this treatment I’d never consider a SAAB again.

    They should just sack the lot of them, close the dealership down and recruit some people who can actually do their job.

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