Turbo X on TV

My thanks to Gripen for sending this one on.

He usually sees this webridesTV stuff when he’s at his local carwash, where they run it on big plasma screens. He’s got his kids well trained, too. The other day they were there with this TV show in the background and “Ready Steady Go” came on. Gripen’s 10 year-old pricked up his ears instantly. Problem was it was being used as background for a Ferrari piece.

Anyways, WebridesTV has done a piece on the Turbo-X and I can see why I haven’t come across them before. Primarily, it’s because their stuff is annoyingly inaccurate and therefore, I’d guess, not widely distributed.

But the Turbo X is the Turbo X and it’s good to look at, even if it’s through a fisheye lens.

Please feel free to note all the mistakes in comments. Thankyou.

UPDATE – Ok, it appears their embedding feature is about as good as their voiceover guy. If you’re having trouble viewing this, then click through at the link above and you should be able to see it.

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