Turbo X to go on show in Zurich

Zurich Motor Show

The Zurich Motor Show is on next month (there’s still an hour of October left as I write this).

It’s on from November 1st to the November 4th.

I’ve just received a note to say hat the Turbo X has just arrived at the venue for the setup there.

The Zurich Motor Show is the second biggest show in Switzerland, after the Geneva show, of course. I’m sure there’ll be a number of Swiss Saabists out to get a look at the Turbo X, seeing Switzerland receives one of the higher allocations of Turbo X’s with 120 units going there.

Switzerland, of course, is also the home of Hirsch, Saab’s official tuning partner.

If your a Swiss Saaber and you didn’t know this was coming up – well now you do!

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  1. I really hope that the Turbo X makes it to the DC Auto Show in January. It’s a small show, so SAAB may not send it. However, it would be awesome to see in person!

  2. gryphon: I know it’s a bit far for you to travel, but I know for a fact that the Turbo-X will be at the Boston Auto Show in late November, along with the black (“black turbo”) 1985 SPG from the GM Heritage Collection. Maybe you can take the train up there and check it out.