Turbo X to make US debut at Boston

All you NEUS types that want to get a first look at the TurboX that you might be queuing up for best make plans for a trip to Boston next month.

The Turbo X will be one of the star attractions at the New England Auto Show, which will be held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center from November 28 to December 2.

TS will be there on media day, with John D covering events and providing the first American opinion on the Turbo X. Can’t wait.

Saab Turbo X


Stay tuned for some big auto show news coming soon. BIG, I tell’s ya!

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  1. How fitting.

    Boston gets to see the Turbo X before any of us here in Cleveland and the Boston Red Sox are clobbering our Cleveland Indians tonight…

    It is going to be a long winter…

  2. I would make the trip IF someone could tell me if the Turbo X would be open and not roped off or on a turnstyle…not worth the trip if I can’t at least sit in it…

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