USA Saab sales data – September 2007

Saab sales in the US for September were less than good. You’ve gotta feel for some of the sales guys out there who really do believe in the brand as it seems the neglect that GM had for Saab in earlier years is now coming home to roost.

Sales numbers were as follows:

For the brand as a whole, Saab sales were down 17.9% compared to Sept 06. Sales totalled 2,424 units in September, compared to 3069 units in the same month last year. A fall of 645 units.


Saab 9-3: sales of the Saab 9-3 were reasonably consistent, totalling 1,802 units this September compared with 1,823 last year.

Saab 9-5: sales of the Saab 9-5 were down from 480 last year to 276 this year. That’s a massive 40.2% drop.

Saab 9-7x: sales of the 9-7x have also fallen from 533 last year to 346 in September this year. That’s a fall of 32.5%.


In summary, the 645 unit drop was made up of the following:

    233 less Saab 9-2x sales
    21 less Saab 9-3 sales
    204 less Saab 9-5 sales
    187 less Saab 9-7x sales


I don’t know what Steve Shannon can do to turn this around. Dealers in the US effectively have only one model of real interest to sell. The 9-7x sales are pure gravy for Saab as the investmet in that model was comparatively low, but these sales are now in an undeniable state of decline.

Will the 9-7x Aero help when it comes? Stay tuned on that one, but regardless of how well it drives (and apparently it drives very well) a 6 litre V8 is only on the shopping list of a certain number of people.

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  1. I was reading GM’s Plans to Outmaneuver Toyota and was worried that they weren’t leaving a role for Saab. But they did, Saab is to bring in the European buyers which is okay with me as long as GM fully understands this remark made in the article: “On the other hand, the very soul of Saab is that of independence. Saab is a counter-culture product. You buy it because you want to be unique. They look and feel different from other cars.” I’m feeling optimistic about a Saab breakthrough in sales in the near future if GM puts its money where it’s mouth is. I think we were all expecting this to be an off year in the USA, but hopefully 2008 starts a period of strong growth.

  2. I was one of those 276 9-5’s that sold. Shouldn’t I get a medal or something.

    Most people probably think I should have my head examined.

    You can’t get Titan Gray on a Subaru or a Honda though. Titan Gray is going to save Saab.

  3. This is bad news.

    And still some people think the 9-5 is “nice” looking…

    So, the incentives remain 4k for MY07 models, and $2500 for 08s. Not bad!

    Now this will make people’s decisions harder… mine.

  4. Saab needs to get that new 9-4X and 9-5 out within the next year otherwise I feel Saab will be in a heckuva lot of trouble. I think GM spent far too much time stting on the fence where Saab was concerned at it is showing.

    Having said that I think the new 9-3 needs to be literally rammed down the throats of US consumers by way of a very aggressive marketing campaign especially when XWD comes onboard in the New Year. The aggressive looks of the 9-3 are a huge opportunity not to be wasted. Saab also needs to smarten up the quality of the interior plastics if recent reviews are in fact accurate.

  5. Doesn’t Steve Shannon merely have to suck less than Debra Kelly-Ennis to get his next promotion? Seems that GM is staffing Saab USA with its climbers. Expectations are low and cost containment is in, so they just have to show up and don’t necessarily have to perform. I’m due for a “unit” in the next year. At least Jay Spenchian gave a hoot and did far more than average to build the brand.

  6. I too am one of those 276 9-5s but not because of any advertising. In fact in the past year I have been lurking here at TS, I have never ever seen an ad for a SAAB. No kidding, nothing, nada, zero, zip, not a one. If it wasn’t for TS I wouldn’t have even thought about a SAAB. After all the write ups I “HAD” to go find out what it was all about. Now that I have one, I wouldn’t give it up for the world. SAAB will never compete with BMW, Merc, Ovlov, or even VW without advertising. Here in Northern California, I get ads for all of them “every day”. GM needs to smarten up.

  7. I haven’t seen a Saab ad on TV since there were doing those “Think Different” ones with Pinball Wizard. i think they were trying to ape Cadillac (Led Zeppelin => The Who), because I couldn’t think of any other reason for them to use that song. The Real Me would have worked better.

  8. I can no longer go the Saab dealer that I purchased my car from, He now is selling BMW and put up a building 3 times larger than the one he had when selling Saabs… They retained the Sales Staff and mechanic’s and “re-trained them for BMW… When I asked the salesman how he felt, he said that he was sad at first, but realized that he would have more product to sell, not promises on models that show up late. My wife drives a Volvo and I have to say, dealer service and overall network is better than Saab. My new Saab dealer is doing a good job with maintaining my car but they just took in HUMMBER. The lot is packed with Hummer’s, you can’t even see the beautiful Sabbs unless you look hard. They also do not offer loaner cars and Volvo does. Saab must improve the dealer service network fast, Volvo keeps calling me in for a test drive.

  9. it’s going to be painful witnessing the sales numbers until the whole range of next-gen 9’s are available. i think the last two slated for release (the 9-3 and 9-1) will carry the sales volume for the brand. but we’ll have to wait till 2011 to get there. yikes!

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