Vive le Saab 900 notchback!

It’s hard to find pictures of the Saab 900 2-door. I’ve been searching through Google images for a while now and whilst there’s a few 4-door saloons and a couple of grainy 2-door shots, there’s very few decent shots of them.

I even went over to Saab Central and checked out the Saab brochures on file there. No 2-doors in the brochures or ads that I could see.

The classic 900 is a model that made its biggest visual impact in 3-door form. It also mode a pretty big practical impact in that form as well, due to the incredible load-carrying capacity. The 2-door has never received the same level of kudos and to be honest, most of them did look pretty plain straight out of the factory.

Consider this 4-door (2-door pics really are hard to find) and its rather standard appearance.

Saab 900 sedan

It’s not doing a whole lot to set anyone’s world on fire. Really. It’s a nice and fairly conservative looking sedan type thing.

The 2-door version does look a bit sleeker in general. The 2-door shape is certainly more complimentary on the Saab 99, where the proportions look almost perfect. And of course, the 2-door looks totally brilliant when it has it’s roof chopped off. But many of the 2-door Saab 900’s that you’re likely to see are pretty similar to the 4-door version above.

But they can be made to look pretty darn good. Once again, it’s a case of the wheels maketh the car. And the paint, and the stance. OK, there’s a number of things that maketh the car, but the wheels certainly make a big contribution. I’m not sure these would be the ones I’d choose myself, but they do add to the presence of the car.

Saab 900 2-door

As there’s not enough 2-door 900 pictures on the web, if you’ve got some then please send them in. We might have to start a bit of a gallery for this seemingly under-loved model.

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  1. La SAAB and not LE SAAB !! Yes SAAB is feminine in french, as most of brands that build mostly cars.. so we say “Une SAAB”, “Une Subaru” and “Un Hummer”
    Funny: “Un 9-7x and une 9-3″…. the 9-7x is certainly the first ever masculine SAAB !!
    Jd, Québec, Canada

  2. If anyone is trying to figure out the logic of the Le and La (Jd is right), the French word for car (“automobile” or “voiture”) is feminine (so LA) but the word for truck (“camion”) is masculine (so LE). Whether from the heart or head, it seems to make great sense! Think what fun we are missing in English. (also from Québec)

  3. So, what is a Volvo XC90, seeing that it’s not truck-frame built SUV? 😉
    Une Volvo XC90 comparee a un Saab 9-7? LOL

    Ils sont fous ces francophones – as Obelix vould say 😀

  4. The hatchback classic 900, for me, is a car that borders on “insanely ugly due to terribly weird proportions.” I think that being so close to that borderline without actually crossing it is what makes the car so beautiful. The notchback classic 900, for me, is a car that goes past that border, and makes me gape in disgust and wonder (that anyone would choose it over a hatch). Something about it is just completly and totally off the mark, in my opinion. I can’t put my finger on it.

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