Volvo: We Own Safety. Skills, not so much….

Perhaps it’s time for a caption contest?

That Smash

This pic from a local Trollhattan news report yesterday.

Thanks ctm.

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  1. Yesterday, a Volvo accidently found its way into the small town of Trollhättan. Volvo is a road going vehicle that is more common along the coastline, and its not often seen in these areas. Immediately, the local population of Saab’s were out in force and manage to hunt and kill the prey before it could wreck more havoc.

  2. The ONLY reason ovlov has this perceived “safety” thing going is their (old) clunky rear-drives fly off slick roads into trees and a strapped-in occupant survives. Later they learned somehow not to fly off the road.

  3. Before we had kids, the wife and I used to spend Sunday morings downtown at the coffee shop watching all the Volvo drivers try to back into the parking spaces. It was amazing, but every Volvo that pulled up had the worst time backing into the parking spaces. It is a running joke in our hosehold.

  4. Love the tin can/supermodel one.
    Surprises from the crash:
    -None of the Volvo’s 18 driving lights managed to assist it in avoiding the Saab
    -The 240 was able to get up to a speed sufficient to make impacts
    – A long-running question is given a surprising answer by the 240’s ruined bumper and turn signals: yes, it could have been uglier

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