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SaabUSA have donated a 9-7x SUV to Angel Flight, a charity organisation that flies sick people around the place for treatment. The 9-7x will come out of Santa Monica (we could live beside the ocean….) and be used by Angel Flight West.

In April last year, Saab donated $75,000 and the use of six 9-7x’s for a one year period, so this latest contribution continues that relationship.

Hint: they fly in planes. Saab’s born from jets.


Kate Hudson:

She can relate to wanting something really badly: When she was a teen, she longed for a white Saab convertible. “It wasn’t something that was handed to me. I ended up working at a clothing store but hardly saved any money because I spent my paycheck on clothes.”

I know someone with a white Saab Convertible. Better hide this entry from Mrs Eggs…..


Yet another story promoting high-mileage oil.

Don’t read ’em. Don’t believe ’em. And ignore your recommended service intervals while you’re at it.

5,000 km changes. No more. Especially if you’ve got a 2.3.


GM’s OnStar is going to introduce a new service in 2009, and word from SaabUSA today is that it will appear on Saabs in the future.

With the new technology, which OnStar President Chet Huber said GM will apply to the rest of its lineup in future years, OnStar would call police and tell them a stolen car’s whereabouts.

Then, if officers see the car in motion and judge it can be stopped safely, they can tell OnStar operators, who will send the car a signal via cell phone to slow it to a halt.

Apparently, most OnStar subscrivers are positive about the service. It’s a service that one can opt-out of, which I think I’d be doing if I knew I was going to be late with my payments….


I had a good afternoon today. Many of you would know of PT, who drops in via comments quite regularly.

He was here in Hobart today for work. Hobart’s a small town. How small? When he finished his meeting he called me, and it turns out his meeting was actually in my building!

We went for a spin in the 900 and then stopped off to take a look at my Viggen. I haven’t seen it in over two months and it hadn’t been started in all that time.

It started with the first turn of the key.

Can’t wait to get it back.

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  1. Hey, want to hear another great oil tip, kids? Flushing the oil out of your engine and then only putting one quart in (like it says in the owner’s manual) is a BAD IDEA.

    I used to love that song when I was a kid.

  2. I’m sure I’m opening up quite the can of worms here, but what do you recommend for service intervals? My 2007 is rolling up on 3000 Miles soon enough, and I was considering getting the oil and filter changed at that point. Obviously this is 7000 miles short if you follow the manual but it seems obvious that the prevailing opinion out here in the blogsphere is that 10k mile intervals are way too long!

  3. Personally, I’d suggest you go by whatever it says for oil change intervals in the owner’s manual for your car, not what the oil can claims.

    If the manual says 10K, I’d do it at 10K. If something goes wrong, you can point to your documentation that you followed the Saab recommendations to a “tee” and they need to cover any damages as a result under warranty.

    While staying on the “safe side” and doing changes more often you may experience “unintended consequences” that you can’t predict. Also, it’s not cheap changing your oil and filter every 3,000 miles, especially now that Saab is recommending fully-synthetic and that you use their overpriced Saab (GM) oil filter.

    My wife’s 2001 is one of those Saabs susceptible to the “sludge” issue, so I make sure to document all the oil changes I do and make sure to follow the Saab change frequency recommendations. We received a letter in the mail a few years ago stating that due to the sludging issue they’ve extended the engine warranty to something like eight or ten years. But you have to be able to back-up any warranty claims with documentation of the frequency of oil changes and that you use only the “Saab” (GM) oil filter…

  4. My manual says something like 6500 miles, but that’s BS. If my car gets over 2000, it starts to get sluggish. When it hits 3000, it starts to get downright slow. When it hits 4000, it putters along like an old 2CV. Of course, my car is pretty old to begin with, but still, I never go more than 3000.

  5. Kind of linked to the oil topic is the advice of Adrian the Genius – my mechanic. He recommends a lube & oil change at half intervals. Its not a major service, doesn’t cost the earth and allows him to keep his eye on things that might go bad – well before they do.
    If you intend on keeping your Saab for a long time this is a strategy I highly recommend.

    Was good to catch up swade, thanks for the ride to the airport.

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