Welcome Saab of Hunterdon!!

Saab of Hunterdon It’s with great pleasure that I’d like to welcome Saab of Hunterdon as a site sponsor.

Saab of Hunterdon are located in Lebanon, New Jersey and are a full-service Saab dealership. They’ve featured here recently, with my contact at the dealership, Scot Orzillo, providing some of the first photos of the new Saab 9-3 on US shores.

Saab of Hunterdon, in their own words:

As a proud member of the family owned and operated JMK Auto Group, our foundation is built upon over 29 years of experience and excellence in Saab Service, Sales and Parts. Our State of the art facility which opened in September of 2004 and is located in rustic Lebanon, New Jersey , is where you will find a wide selection of both New and Certified Pre-Owned Saab’s.

We realize that purchasing a vehicle is a major decision and we are here to help you throughout the process. Our business is built upon the belief that honesty and integrity are not merely catch phrases, but a core set of values that we adhere to in every thing we do. It is evident in the superior quality of the vehicles we offer for sale to you and more importantly, the service we provide throughout your entire ownership. Whether you are in the market for a brand new Saab, one of our many Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles or something from our diverse line of Premium Multi-Brand Pre-Owned vehicles, our pricing policy reflects our firm belief of offering our Best Price First so you can spend more time and attention on discovering which of our many vehicles is the right one for you.

From the time you enter our modern and comfortable showroom you will notice the difference that makes this place truly special. Feel free to browse our showroom and lot without the added pressure of someone following your every move. We are here to help you when you decide the time is right.

Once you decide it’s time for a test drive, you are on your own to explore and experience the car firsthand, without the unpleasant distraction of a sales person talking in your ear. A member of our knowledgeable and courteous staff will be here waiting for you to address any questions which may arise. Your Saab of Hunterdon Sales Consultant is who you will deal with throughout the process. We do not believe in bouncing you from person to person. We do believe in one on one, personalized service, from the time you walk through our doors.

Should you ultimately become a member of the Saab of Hunterdon family, we are here to assist you throughout the entire ownership process. If you are a long-time Saab enthusiast, and not currently in the market for a new car, we welcome you to pay a visit to our Service and Parts Department, where our knowledgeable and friendly staff are here to serve you.

Stop in and see us. Come discover why Saab of Hunterdon truly is different.

SAAB of Hunterdon
“Never Compromise.”

I’ve just gotta say, from a car-hunter’s point of view, that the test-drive-without-a-sales-person-in-the-car thing is particularly attractive. There’s times when it’s handy to have someone to answer questions right at the time you think of them, but there’s times when you just want to drive.

Saab of Hunterdon also have a blog, which is well worth a subscription, too.

They serve customers from New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, so if you’re in the area please check out Saab of Hunterdon and tell ’em Swade sent you. I’m very confident they’ll look after you, as they know I’ll be watching 😉

If you hurry, you could check out this fully loaded 2007 Black 9-3 Aero sedan, going for a song….

The map’s below. Thanks to Saab of Hunterdon for your support of Trollhattan Saab.

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Let me say that there will be no more paid ads listed on the site. I’ve already knocked back one advertiser that was asking for an additional space.

The addition of these ads provides for a little more stable income from the site, allows for some Saab advertisers to meet their public a little more face to face, and allows me to invest in new equipment to provide a richer experience here.

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  1. Nice building as well.

    “I’ve just gotta say, from a car-hunter’s point of view, that the test-drive-without-a-sales-person-in-the-car thing is particularly attractive.”

    Is this not normal procedure in other coutries, like in the U.S.? Here in Sweden, I have never ever test driven a car with a sales person on board. I can’t imagine they want to take their time to it even if I asked for it… 🙂

  2. The last two times I looked for cars here in the U.S., I found about three out of four salesman let me drive the car solo.

    This last time around (when we purchased a 9-3), I began telling the salespeople that wanted to accompany me that their competitors were allowing drivers to test alone and that it WOULD make a difference in my opinion of the car.

    I’ve had this discussion with other people in the US, and it seems to me that it’s regional….some people I’ve talked to have never once gone on a test drive without a salesperson present.

    Incidentally — the Saab dealer let me drive a SportCombi (once) and Sport Sedan (twice) without a salesman present. Kudos to them!

  3. For those of us that are geographically challenged with respect to ts sponsors, I hope that folks like Huntingdon will offer accessories and parts by mail so that we can support the friends of Swade!

    Insurance coverage seems to be the governing factor for the solo test drive — I experienced an unusual circumstance when I bought my now-deperted Avalon. The dealer wouldn’t let me test the used cars solo because they owned them, but the new cars were on consignment from the oems and were ok for a drive alone. Insurance coverage was the difference – the used car policy specified that the coverage was void if there wasn’t a dealership employee in the car.

  4. For those outside of the U.S., having a salesperson tag along for a test drive is more common than it is not. However, I have never had a salesman try to come with me during a SAAB test drive. I recently tested the new MY 2008 Cadiallac CTS (nice car, but I prefer the new MY 2008 9-3), and the dealer gave me the choice: a solo drive or with him. A while back, I tested an Audi TT. The sales woman wanted to come along even though there were two of us. She actually expected us to take turns. Ha! When I told her not even to think about it, she gave a lame excuse of needing to be careful with expensive merchandise. I told her that I would be as careful in her Audi TT as a I am in my other car: 2006 Mercedes SLK 350 (said while pointing it out of the lot).

  5. I’ve test driven cars both with and without salesmen- it’s mostly a matter of dealership preference.

    And even within the same region, the local Honda dealer here sent a salesman on a recent Odyssey test drive, while the local Infiniti dealership just tossed me the keys and sent me out for a drive.

  6. My dealer here in Oz gave me an overnighter in a Sportcombi demonstrator, drove the wheels off it. Given I then knew exactly what I was getting we closed the deal the next day!

  7. I remember when they were building this place… I was pscyched to see such a huge, brand-new Saab dealer going up. That said, it’s kind of in the middle of nowhere! My father has gotten his last 4 Saabs (2 9-5s, a 9-3 cab and a 9-3) from JMK Saab in Springfield, and has always been treated fairly. Hopefully the same sales experience exists at this place.

    When I’m Saab Shopping (Shaaping?) this coming Summer, I’ll definitely pay Saab of Hunterdon a visit knowing that they’re supporting TS and my man Swade.

  8. Jim,

    We look forward to seeing you.

    We view our surroundings of horse farms and green pastures here in rural Hunterdon County as a blessing. Sure, we are not in the flow of the everyday hustle and bustle as are most “highway” dealerships. That is big part of what makes a visit to our dealership unique.

    Slow down, take your time, enjoy your test drive without having to navigate traffic jams. Bring a camera and take some pictures of the surrounding area if you have never been here. It truly is gorgeous. To really get a feel for a Saab, we usually suggest that after a quick tour of the area, a customer take the car on Route 78 which is only a ¼ mile from the dealership. This is where you can truly get a feel for how the car you are considering performs in the real world of your life.

    Hope to see you soon. We’ll leave the light on :).

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