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Relax, this isn’t any sort of marketing exercise or anything. It’s just a response to an article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer that deals with some stereotypes shown in some insurance ads there:

And you can’t ignore the Saab-driving “Obsessive-Compulsive Recycler” who wears sustainably farmed, organic cotton cleaning gloves reclaimed from the neighbor’s trash and has a very clean conscience.

OK, so maybe they nailed Gripen ๐Ÿ™‚ but what about the rest of us?

Saabs are frequently pushed as the car of the elbow-patched professor, the geek, the liberal, the free-minded student from the university of life. Saab themselves tell us we’re 42 years old, earn $X and independent.

So here’s a straw poll. Relax, other than preventing a multiple vote, there’s no IP logging or retaining of data aside from the end result. It’s just a bit of fun.

So who are you, Saab owner?


















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  1. I would of liked to know if I am the only one who neither drinks Coke or Pepsi. Surely other people out there refuse to touch those poisons, whatever their name.

  2. Actually, I think there is some good information here. I’m sure GM does lots of expensive market research on this sort of thing but here’s a quick market summary.

  3. I think you must bear in mind that European right is rather leftish in an American view… [politics, that is] Maybe the choice Democrats or Republicans would be clearer…

  4. I think the music one should have had four responses, softer, soft, hard, and harder. I mean, Slayer is a lot harder than the Descendents, but they’re both hard.

  5. I don’t drink Pepsi or Coke… ever.

    As for the addition of Architect and Engineer… wouldn’t those go under “professional”? (Leave it to an engineer… Yes, I have two degrees in engineering, but I didn’t add the category.)

  6. It doesn’t have to be all that complicated, IMHO. I don’t drink Coke or Pepsi, but comparing them as an umbrella (Sprite, Diet Coke under Coke, Mountain Dew, Diet Pepsi under Pepsi, etc.) I go with the Coke umbrella much more. Thus my vote for Coke, even though I don’t drink Coke itself very much.

    I find the political result very intriguing…maybe Jacob has a point when it comes to Europeans vs. Americans…but I do still like the question posed as-is, especially for all those non-US folks polled.

    Interesting stuff!

  7. I had to think about that political question myself and wondered if I should answer in the more global sense. Ultimately, I answered it the way I would categorize myself within my own political system (the US) as I felt that if all answered that way, the results would be more useful (ie, Saab drivers who read TrollhattanSaab consider themselves relatively right-of-center or left-of-center or what have you, in comparison to their countrymen and women).

  8. “Descendents? I thought I was the only one who listened to them, still.”

    *raises hand*

    Hey James – i still rock out to both Descendents and All!

  9. Ehall: CCR fits in 3 decades ago. The answer is moot.

    Alrighty, then, some thoughts:

    1. PC or Mac, that’s a good addition.
    2. Left-Center-Right — all a matter of perspective.
    3. Vanilla climbs up on the list as I get older. Far from being a ‘plain’ flavor, it’s quite tasty!!
    4. Redline/greenline: I don’t think it’s that simple, but I chose redline just because I thought that most would answer greenline.

    I was surprised at the diversity.

  10. I prefer my daily dosis of cafeรฏne to start with a couple of illy’s before the drive, no sugar no milk.
    Why you decided to add specific jobs like ‘architect’, ‘engineer’ or ‘designer’ ?

  11. Simple mathematical analyse of the result shows that not all questions have the same amount of votes. Which clearly shows some saab-drivers are not willing to face reality – even silly ones like in this poll – and make their choices …
    If the geek ellbow-patched professor does an exam with multiple choice questions, he expects from all his students, even the most free-minded liberal independent one at least some decent answer.

  12. Jeff, “J” — perhaps Milo and the boys will see the survey, recognize the prepoderance of their fans who own Saabs, and write a new little ditty: “Saabage” — not to be confused with “garbage” for those not in the know on this one (probably 95 percent of the group)

  13. There was no option for those with several SAABs. Also some still use their 1960s SAABs as daily drivers (some seem to use 1950s SAABs as dailyd rivers as well, but I guess they are few).

  14. That is freakin’ hilarious. They nailed me to a “tee”.

    However, I’m a walking contradiction. My answers to the questions above are often “none of the above”.

    For example,
    Coke or Pepsi? Royal Crown (RC) Cola.
    Politics: left, center, or right? socially left, fiscally right
    Work? Mix between blue & white collar
    Environment? No compromises. Cake & eat it too. Both green and redline. BioPower, baby! ๐Ÿ˜›
    Money? Enough.
    Exercise? I’ll take the stairs.
    Preference, chocolate or vanilla? Both. Together.
    Music? Eclectic.
    Saab: all of the above!

  15. I just read the comments and want to add that I’m a Descendents fan as well. I only have “Bonus Fat” (on vinyl) and the CD of “Hallraker Live!”, so I’m not as “hardcore” as some of you. “Pep Talk” is one of my favs. “Weinerschnitzel” and “I Like Food” are also very short classics.

    I’m another vote for Mac.

    Some of the things I’ve learned from reading the results of this exercise: Saab owners have a lot in common and with such a small demographic it makes sense why they have such low sales numbers! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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