Who likes the new Incas?

I know there’s a certain 9000 owner in the Pacific Northwest of the US who likes the new Incas as she went to the trouble of importing a set. I know there’s a few more of you as well, due to the comments they’ve received on the site whenever they’ve appeared.

It seems your Saab counterparts across the pond in the UK disagree.

I’ve just heard from an insider there that Saab GB have taken the liberty of sending each and every dealer in the UK a set of the new Incas. They’ve been billed for them as well, which hasn’t gone down too well as opinion is quite divided on the rims. Some are likening them to a set of plastic hubcaps! And apparently they’re the heaviest wheels most of these dealers have ever come across.

Me? I like them, though there’s so many good Saab rims out there and I know I’d prefer a few over these.

Apparently all you need to do to strike a good deal on a set of Incas is call a Saab UK dealership. They’ve all got some and I hear they’re quite open to haggling!

Saab Incas

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  1. To be honest, I’m no big fan. I’m not saying that I don’t like them, but like Swade I’d prefer other wheels. But I think there’s a good chance they’ll grow on me. That’s often how it works!

  2. I am not a fan, they look like cheap $100 wheels you find at the local Discount Tire store. They are even worse than the standard 9-3 Aero wheels (USA) which look pretty bad as well.

  3. I REALLY like them. Coolest Saab wheels to me, are Super Inca´s from 80´s and these new Inca´s are just as cool too.

    Best thing is that they´re totally different than any other wheels around! That´s Saab!! Truly classics.

  4. By the way, the price of new Inca´s seem to be almost half of what you´d have to pay other 18″ Saab wheels. At least in Finnish accessory brochure. Other 18″ wheels go for 732€ and Incas are 430€ each.

    Quite pricey anyways…

  5. I’ll say it again: Inca, Inca, Inca. As soon as my new MY 2008 9-3 Aero arrives (on order now), it will be getting the Inca treatment, assuming my U.S. dealer can get them and install them.

  6. Am I alone or do these ‘things’ look like clip on plastic dustbin lid coves that I can buy at a my local discount motorists centre?

    I fail to see any link with the true Inca design and it is the first time I have disliked a Saab wheel.

    Anyone else out there reject these wheels too. Oh and they will be a NIGHTMARE to keep clean when the brake dust settle on all thsoe ridges.

    And how much parastic air turbulence will they create?

  7. Lance,

    I agree with you 110 % concerning the looks, yet if anyone wants to get himself/herself a set, that’s fine with me.

    (I’ve never seen 18” plastic caps on a Saab – and these are heavier and more expensive as well !)

  8. I love them I actually want to find out if they can go on a 9-5? I think they look awesome, very distinctive. Instant classics IMHO.

  9. I think our UK friends would have to haggle pretty hard to make up for the shipping costs across the pond.

    Our mutual friend in the Pacific Northwest got them through a dealer after she determined it was cheaper than shipping them from Sweden.

    So I’m going to try that route first.

  10. Who likes them?
    Me … Me … Me … Me … Me … Me … Me … Me … Me … Me … Me … Me … Me … Me … Me … Me … Me … Me … Me … Me … Me … Me … Me … Me … Me … Me … Me …

    I love ’em … I can’t wait to see them on real cars on the road. Best wheel since the Super Inca, which was the best wheel since the original Inca!!!

  11. Good to hear that I´m not alone with my thoughts, as it seems to be quite common opinion to hate Saab alloys.. like all the 3 spoke wheels.

    But anyway, Kimi Raikkonen won F1 World Championship!! Another flying Finn just made history!!!!!!!!!!!! Ice Cool! 😀

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