Why do we do it?

RE-LOADED: I should mention that all entries tagged as “The Spirit of Saab” are potential ideas for use on that new site in times to come. Even so, I’m constantly wondering what generates such interest in Saab cars.

It’s 00:30 and I’m still up writing this stuff. Why?


Is it the love of driving?

Is it more specifically the love of driving Saab cars?

Is it some weird connection between man and machine?

Is it the thrill of a tight corner, or the press of an accelerator?

Is it the looks?

Is it because we love an underdog?

Is it the seats?

Something keeps me up at night, fascinated about Saab cars. Something makes me smile just at the thought of going for a drive. I’m smiling now.

Something keeps you visiting here and hitting the refresh button every couple of hours – something drives you about these cars just as it drives me.

Why do we do it?

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  1. lovely – this would be the sort of advertising campaign Saab should go for! “Why do we do it?” They could take every single aspect of why we love these cars and tell the viewers an engaging story!

  2. The seats, the dashboard (yeah yeah…), the old door handles, the safety, the ignition key between the seats, the Black Panel… Why I relaod this page? Because Swade is tha man.

  3. i also look out for other saabs as i drive to school, i look for all the models, i even saw a 9000 this morning, normally it is 9-3’s and 9-5’s. saw a 900 yesterday. all of this in an eight mile drive.
    Is it the spotting of other Saabs?

  4. Beeing a swede, I’ve never owned a SAAB…
    However, I check this site a few times every day just because I simply love the 9-3 sportsedan/sportcombi.
    I hope that I one day can get a 9-3 Aero TTiD SC with XWD. Please SAAb, let it loose…

  5. “Something keeps you visiting here and hitting the refresh button every couple of hours”

    sometimes every 15 minutes if i’m sat here working. best site on the web. 🙂

  6. I worked with them, now with Mazda, but I just can not stop keeping in touch. I feel like a stick of rock with Saab running all the way through me!

  7. Saabs seem to be a love/hate car. Some people really do not like them but those that like them love them. Its hard to get that excited either way about a Ford.

  8. Its simple really….. it makes sense!!!! go for a drive and all becomes clear .Swift Safe Stylish and Supremely comfortable.

  9. 1 hour ago I left my 2004 Volvo V50 T5 and received my new 9/3 SC Vector active 1,9 TiD and drove it back to the office. There is a lot of differences between these 2 cars and I will describe what it is that I prefer with the 9/3 in a more detailed comment later.

  10. (In 80’s advertising terms) because it’s as toughly build as a Merc (of those days) and cooler than any BMW (of all times, except some wich are just fine).
    (In real life) because it drives amazingly well, looks very well, and has lots of torque …

  11. Bengt, welcome to the Saab family/community.

    ctm nailed it… “Swade is the man”… I believe what is already listed…plus you can smile while having a fun drive and knowing if anything happens to you, you will be alright!

  12. After driving an old trade-in c900 for about a year, then crashing it, it was suddenly all clear.. (former bimmer/mb-nut)

    That’s over 5yrs and I’m-not-even-counting-anymore Saabs ago now. 🙂

  13. Because:
    Saab always has been for someone who wants something safe, solid and a little different, and isn’t that what the most of us are looking for ?

  14. Because in my Viggen, third gear can be a religious experience.

    Best seats ever made, safest cars on the road, beautifully subtle, thoughtfully designed, bumper-to-bumper soul.

    My passion for these cars is only a couple of years old, but I expect it to last a lifetime.

  15. Because any thing else is a tin can, it’s just that simple. I had a 900 vert. on lease. When the lease was up, I went to Acura. I drove the car out of the showroom and after 2 miles, decided I must get another Saab. The Acura was a nice car, it just didn’t feel safe and secure like my Saab. I sold it and leased, then purchased a 2002 9-3 SE vert. I STILL OWN IT AND LOVE IT. p.s. Swade, This is a great site, my wife keeps asking me who I am talking with!

  16. Reasons to be Saaboid?

    All of the above.

    Saabiness – disease or a condition?

    A bond between us -whatever our differences.

    Oh and Mike C -glad you got out of the Acura, they are soft, really soft.

  17. Its the whump-whump-whump clunky rotating look of the aero wheels and the sound of the turbo exhaust on a 16v c900 that initially hooked me. I remember one driving by when i was in junior high or so and thought i had to have one.

  18. Actually, I probably drive a Saab for the same reason I have used a Mac for the last 19 years. I want something that just works for me, and that let me do the thing I need in the way I like without annoying me. I want technology that is useful and helpful without getting in the way. I will not use something because other people use it. I use something because I made my own personal decision to use it. That’s why I smile with confidence when I say I drive a Saab (and use a Mac).

    And welcome to Saab, Bengt. Like to hear about your thoughts about those two cars later on.

  19. It’s the shove in the back when overtaking on the highway – i’m on the wrong side of the road for less time than anyone I know…

    It’s the giggle it can draw out when flying down a dirt road in the country and it feels completely poised – until you touch the brakes at the wrong moment (on purpose!) and it will gracefully dance around. (Saab didn’t rally for nothing!)

    It’s the community that keeps its members informed, and allowed be to effect a $20 repair to save me $500.

  20. When we were looking for a first “good” car (I´ve had a crappy Daihatsu as a first one) ugly 4dr 900i base model ´89 (yes, we actually though that it was very ugly) came into our way.

    My friends dad was selling his trusty old Saab 900 to be replaced by new Audi. We took it for a test drive. A 1200km´s vacation trip to southern Finland cleared things for me. After the trip we just simply had to forget all the other cars we´d been considering.

    And it definitely was not the looks! It was everything else, I guess. Btw, today love the look of classic 900, even 4dr…

    But as a little kid I thought the coolest car ever made was my uncle´s Saab metallic green 2dr Saab 99 with EMS interior in 70´s. Too bad that I don´t have any pictures of that neat car. By that time my parents didn´t have a car at all.

  21. I just happened to have 10th anniversary with Saab. That´s 5 different c900´s (I still own one T16S) one 9000 and now 9-3 Sport Combi Vector 1.8t M07.

    I guess I should celebrate this by getting a new Saab…

  22. It really is the love and thrill of the drive. Last weekend I went with the Bay Area Saab club through the bay area mountains on a “wine tour” (no one drank anything). Those roads are all twisty and turny and each time we stopped, everyone was laughing, because they had such a good time. People came up and looked at our cars and thought they were pretty cool. One guythough, said that I should get a real car, and I asked him which one. He said I should have a Subaru, I told that I had just traded one in on my new Saab, he didn’t know what to say. Saab owners are a bunch of people who just don’t want to be sheeple.

  23. Saabs have always represented a well-rounded design “concept”. Great crashworthiness, excellent handling in all weather, comfort with support, great ergonomics, style with character, and excellent load carrying capability. To quote from a 1987 Saab 9000 ad…”Definitely NOT your father’s Oldsmobile”!

  24. Something just struck me…

    Isn’t Saab the Apple Mac of cars?
    Aren’t we all the same people that would run off ang get ourselves the iPod, MacBook, iMac, iPhone before the rest?

    Shouldn’t and couldn’t and wouldn’t Saab advertisement work and look like Apple’s?

    What if it did?

  25. TrakDah,

    Apple ads are extremely powerful in building their brand image. I would love Saab ads to go to the same level.

    The way Apple (Jobs) dared to innovate itself out of near bankruptcy about 10 years ago is a classic in “who to restore a brand”. Again, they started doing things no other company either couldn’t think of or didn’t dare to do. And they succeeded. I don’t want Saab to follow after other companies, I want them to do the unexpected and leap ahead every time.

  26. Apple has only ever worked with Jobs at the helm. Under other leadership, Apple floundered and nearly died.

    Jobs is the only one bloody-minded enough to force Apple to stick to its vision and be damned what the masses think.

    Saab needs someone like that. Forget trying to sell to everyone, because not everyone will understand. Not everyone will buy a Mac. Not everyone will buy a Saab. Build the best product you can and stick to your principles, no matter what the nuff-nuffs in Acconting say.

    Only when Swade is the head of Saab will it truly flourish as a brand!

    Build it and they will come!

    (end rant – sorry for getting worked up there)

  27. I’m not sure if it has to do with the just-one-person at the top.
    But those saab-apple-swade connotations are amusing.

  28. i dont know why, but when ever i see a 08 9-3 (seen a few by now) i get the fealing i should honk my horn and give em thumbs up. but i wouldnt want them to look over their shoulder in confusion and crashing their brand new car.

  29. I’m constantly looking for other Saabs on the road, I have like a sixth sense, I can usually tell when theres a c900 around! I saw a black 9000 Aero pull in front of my job the other night, I saw the Super Aeros from down the street and I always give the wave to the other Saabs on the road, and sadly, I’ve only gotten a handful of waves back, but whenever I do, it puts a smile on my face that the person waving back is just as enthusiastic as I am.

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