XWD news from Europe

A couple of recent bit of news from Europe that I thought I’d share here.

Firstly, some of you European types might be wondering about the eventual availability of XWD in combination with the TTiD engine.

I had a question about this come into my inbox last week, and as I was on the phone to a guy from Saab in Sweden at the time I figured I’d ask. He indicated that they’d had a few enquiries about this, so it’d definitely on their radar.

There’s no confirmed timeframe for it at this point, but Saab do plan to have XWD trickle down from the top models over time. I believe, from some Djup Strupe intelligence we’ve received already, that the 2.0T will get it mid-2008 or thereabouts, and I imagine the TTiD would probably figure for XWD adaptation after that.


Something a bit more immediate.

I’ve received news that I’ll keep geographically vague to protect the innocent.

In this unidentified market, I’ve heard that the Turbo X is going to be priced as follows (comparative price of Aero SS and with XWD first to give an idea of the difference):

    Sport Sedan:

    Aero 2.8TS V6 non-XWD M6 – €48,800

    Saab 9-3 2.8TS V6 206kW Aero XWD M6 – €53,250
    Saab 9-3 2.8TS V6 206kW Aero XWD A6 – €55,850

    Saab 9-3 2.8TS V6 206kW Turbo X XWD M6 – €60,750
    Saab 9-3 2.8TS V6 206kW Turbo X XWD A6 – €63,350

    *For a combi, add Eu1600 to the price.

To get the idea of the comparative price:

    BMW 330xi 200kW – €59,800.
    Audi A4 3.2 FSI (188kW) Quattro – €58,140

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  1. Yet again it proves that value for money let alone prestige, uniqueness, style etc etc Saab is the best and a worthy option. According to attendees to the AIM in Sydney the indication from the local scene is that the XWDs are set to be release in Q1 08. I will tend to lean on this date rather than the later as leaving this too late will loose momentum. Then again it took 5 years or so to get AWD so, another 6 months won’t be a greater and the last delay I guess.

  2. Some thought´s about the importance of diesel and 2.0T XWD in Europe.

    There´s no official consumption figures yet for xwd models, but I assume consumption being higher with XWD. Fuel consumption and emissions play a big role in middle Europe today and that is not going to ease in the future.

    Here´s some values (let´s keep those two competitors mentioned):

    Saab 9-3 Aero Sport sedan (non XWD) has a EU Combined value of 10.2 l/100km – Audi A4 3.2 FSI Quattro 10.5 l/100km and BMW 330xi 8.0 l/100km. BMW wins hands down.

    Diesel competitors:
    BMW´s 330xd 170kW, EU combined is 6.8 l/100km and Audi A4 3.0TDI Quattro 171kW 7.6 l/100km and also A4 2.0TDI 103kW Quattro 6.6l/100km.

    Saab´s got 1.9 TTiD 110/132kW. Does that have enough power? If you compare to BMW only the answer is no. With TTiD, consumption and performance should be well balanced though.

    Other petrol variants:
    Audi has smaller engine Quattro versions below – 1.8T 120kW (old engine) and 2.0T 147kW. BMW´s got 325xi 160kW. Saab´s got 110kW, 129kW and 155kW versions of 2-liter engine which should be very good mated to xwd.

    If Saab want´s to make XWD a standard somewhere in the future, they´d have to add other engine versions as well.

  3. Not sure why the comparison has been against the 330 BMW and 3.2 A4.

    The TurboX is better placed against the 335i and the Audi S4.

  4. An automatic Turbo X? Criminal!!!:(

    WooDz, you could have compared the Turbo X with the 335i and S4 if they’d have upped the power to 300bhp+. Gotta admit every time I see a 335i with 18″ alloy wheels I drool.

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