2008 Saab 9-3: basic specification levels for Australia

The following text is a reproduction of the speech given by Neil Whitehead, Aftersales Manager of GM Premium Brands here in Australia.

The 9-3 range in Australia is quite diverse, with around 48 different combinations of body, engine and trim to consider. This speech covers some of the fundamentals of those different specification levels.

Later today I’ll provide a full spec sheet that shows the appointments for each of the three trim levels.


In terms of specification and pricing, Saab 9-3 is still available in Linear, Vector and Aero specification across Sport Sedan, Convertible and SportCombi. However for the new 9-3 we’ve made some changes to the way customers can actually mix and match engine size and luxury appointments.

Previously additional trim and luxury appointments between Linear, Vector and Aero were only available with increased engine performance. For example Linear was 129kW, Vector added new alloys and upgraded interior features along with a 154kW engine and Aero similarly adds features such as Saab Parking Assistance and electric memory seats along with the 2.8V6 Turbo engine.

The TiD vehicles were only available in Linear or with a Linear Sport Pack.

For the new model year, customers will be able to match the levels of comfort and luxury specification in Linear and Vector with the petrol or diesel engine combination of their choice.
We’ve also added ‘Sport’ and ‘Luxury’ packs to make it easier for customers to package value and options.

Sport Sedan

Sport Sedan is available in Linear and Vector in petrol and diesel, and Aero currently in petrol. As Parveen and Nicklas outlined, though, when TTiD joins the range in January it effectively becomes our diesel Aero model.

Here are the details for the petrol Sport Sedan models:

The entry Linear Sport Sedan starts at $43,400. Linear still includes the standard luxury appointments you expect from Saab – heated leather seats, 16-inch alloys, climate and cruise control, full size spare and all the safety features Nicklas outlined.

You can add Vector luxury appointments such as 17-inch alloys, Sport Leather interior, electric driver’s seat and Saab Parking Assistance for another $6,500, or these features, together with the 154kW engine for $10,000.

9-3 BioPower is available in either Linear or Vector specification, from $44,400 to $50,900. Representing a $1,000 premium over the petrol model.

Aero Sport Sedan with that awesome V6 Turbo, starts at $70,600. Aero adds features such as the new 17-inch alloys I mentioned, Aero Sport Leather upholstery, Bi-Xenon headlamps, dual electric memory front seats and the BOSE system.

TiD Sport Sedan
The manual Linear TiD Sport Sedan starts at $45,900. The same 1.9 turbo diesel engine in Vector specification is $52.400. Again, the Vector specification upgrades are consistent with petrol.

Pricing for the Aero 1.9 TTiD will be available in January.

SportCombi petrol

Essentially SportCombi represents at $2,500 price premium over the equivalent Sport Sedan model.

The engine and feature combinations for the SportCombi are consistent with Sport Sedan. With the 129kW petrol engine, Linear SportCombi starts at $45,900 and Vector at $52,400.

With the high output turbo 154kW Vector engine SportCombi starts at $55,900, and with the Aero V6 it’s priced from $73,100.

TiD SportCombi
The same principles apply to the TiD versions of SportCombi, it starts at $48,400 for Linear manual, is $54,900 in Vector specification and the TTiD price will be available in January.


The iconic Convertible starts at $65,500 for the entry model Linear, which has new added features as standard, including Saab Park Assist, electric driver’s seat and a six-disc in-dash CD player.

This makes the Linear Convertible exceptional value for a premium, four-seater soft-top with this style, performance and safety.

The same 129kW engine with Vector specification, which adds the 17-inch alloys, Sport Leather and high-tech interior trim, is $69,600. The Convertible with the Vector 154kW engine is priced from $73,100, and from $90,800 for the Aero V6 model.

TiD Convertible
For the TiD Convertible with 110kW and more importantly 320 Nm, prices start from $68,000 for Linear and from $72,100 for Vector.

We’re initially looking at TTiD for Sedan and SportCombi only, but if our Diesel Convertible sales trend up and we get strong enquiry we’ll look at bringing in the TTiD version as well.

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  1. Another thing I’d like to add, it why, considering the Linear is under 50k here do the Seppos get it for about half the money. Our dollar is worth .93 of theirs so you would have thought mid 30k would have been appropriate no? Does this sound like opportunism?

  2. That’s the market at play, cobber. The US gets everything way cheaper than everyone else. Between the low prices they have to carry to stay competitive and their dollar going through the floor I wouldn’t be surprised if they lost money on every 9-3 they sold. Sell more cars, lose more money.

    And the “high-tech” bit, that was Neil, not me. As mentioned in my writeup, I like the layout a lot, just not the materials.

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