9-7x – this is why they did it – part 2

You’ll have to go searching for part 1, but it’s in the archives.

This is in no way a direct relation to that post, except for where a 9-7x owner links up and produces another sale for Saab.

I found this story on my Flickr feed and have reproduced a photo below. You can see them all here (quite well shot) and there’s comments attached with each photo that spell out the story for you.

Long story short – guy trades up to a newer 9-7x and his partner, who was just along for the ride, ends up trading his BMW for a Saab 9-3 – and appears to be very happy with it.


Saab 9-3

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  1. i saw those pics posted, too. especially loved the commentary….i wish everyone thought that way when they got into a saab…..

  2. I like the 9-7x in all honesty. Wasn’t fond of it when it came out, but the darn thing really grew on me.
    It certainly made more sense then the 9-2x, since Saab already knew how to build great turbocharged cars, but since had no SUV experience, I found the 9-7x much easier to accept…and it sold, converted people to Saab’s who may have looked elsewhere, and kept people in the brand who wanted an SUV.

  3. During a recent trip to Europe I saw one 9-7 in Belgium and a few days later one in Holland. The 9-7 stands from the crowd of x5 and Mercs and to tell you the truth is not bad looking vehicle.
    I saw a left hand drive 9-2 in the UK but that one I have to agree is a little bit hard to accept since they put very little effort to make it a Saab.

  4. Hello, I’m glad you liked my photos. Now I know why they received so many views! I love the car, it’s terrific.

    btw, since it looks like we’ve become a marketing case study — I’m a “she,” not a “he.”


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