900 Aero prototype restoration continues

You might remember the story of Peter W in Sweden, who recently picked up one of the uber-rare pearl white 900 Aeros for restoration.

I covered the first part of his story here. This is definitely a story worth following, especially if you’re thinking of attending the Saab Festival in 2009 as Peter hopes to have the car finished and ready for the event.

Peter’s now started a thread on Saab Central where he’s posting updates to the restoration story. There’s a bucketload of work to be done on this car and he’s already taken to it like a hungry puppy.

I don’t know much about restoring cars from scratch, but a look at the photos is enough to tell me that all the WOW comments at SaabCentral right now are there for a good reason.

Interested parties should head on over and check it out, and bookmark it to follow the progress.


It looked OK on the trailer……

Pearl 900

But an examination underneath revealed a lot of work to be done…..

Pearl 900

A detail study of the cancer to be removed….

Pearl 900

Peter was fortunate to find some new wheel arch sections, which look fantastic…

Pearl 900

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