About THAT 900 photo – part 2

Here are some photos of a black 900.

You might look at them and think “hmm, that’s a nice black 900” and think little more of it.

Here are the pics:



It is a nice black 900 – no doubt. It needs a little work but that’s OK, most 27-year old cars do. But this one is special. I’ve written about this car before and you’ve all seen it VERY recently, in an article that I published just last night, actually.

So what is it, and what’s the story?

This black 900 is the car that was photographed for a Saab calendar many years ago, and it’s one of the most famous 900 photos Saab have ever produced:


The owner is Nicklas A, from Sweden, and these new photos were taken recently, whilst moving the car from one garage to another, where the car is being restored. Nicklas hopes to have it in shape for summer 2008.

Here’s the story of the calendar shot and how it came to be:

The reason for Saab borrowed the car in 1996 was that they don’t have a black 3d 900 turbo from early the early 1980s in the museum. They said that they have a white one, but that was not in a condition to drive and they wanted a black one for the calendar. At that time I also knew a guy in the steering committee for Saab Sweden. He remembered that my dad used to have this car and it was said to be in mint condition. So one evening Saab called me and asked if they could borrow the car for a day. I got to borrow a 9000 CSE 2,3turbo 200hp instead for that day so I was happy…

The picture Saab took that you have published is for sure one of the nicest pictures of a Saab ever.

And you can read the full story behind this car here.

More photos below. Thanks for getting in touch again, Nicklas. I can’t wait to get back to Sweden – we’ll try and recreate that photo some time!



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  1. What a great piece of Saab history. Don’t see many early 900T’s like that anymore. Looks like it only warrants a cosmetic restoration.


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