Another Saab XWD video

I’ve had a couple of links come through via email to this video overnight. Thanks to all who sent them through.

You’ve all probably seen the video I shot with Kenneth Backlund from the Saab Performance Team at the 9-3 launch event in Sweden back in June.

This new video was also shot at the same event, using the same car(s) and on the exact same track. The great thing about this video is that they must have had heaps of cameras there because there’s a lot of external shots as the car progresses around the track.


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  1. That looks very good. Even though the driver makes “mistakes”, he seems to be able to keep the speed. Just before that slippery plate he misses the corner and can not get out of there with speed 😉 But then he leaves, and four black stripes follows..

  2. Yeh I really liked seeing those tire streaks when he takes back off haha.

    I always feel bad for the car when I see them gunning through that gravel, pour paint.

    And sigh I want one of these so bad but I’m not up for another car for a good 4 years or so 🙁

  3. That exhaust note! 🙂 If this car, with that kind of handling prowess, doesnt increase Saab sales then I am at a loss to think what would. I want a snow silver 2.OT XWD w/eLSD.

    Hey, I just thought of a new advertising campaign for the eLSD equipped 9-3.

    “Even More Addictive Than The Real Thing!”

    Whaddaya think?


  4. zippy, I like the slogan. And I’d like to drive one of those cars. It looks like fun.

    Oh well, off to drive my 9000 Aero home. Not a bad alternative.


  5. This is amazing. Great ride. Oh how much would I like to own one of these babies. 🙂

    But first I have to get my hands on 9000 Aero I’ve been dreaming about. 😉

  6. What a Great car! That right there can beat out any BMW, Audi and even the porsche 911 all wheel drive systems.
    Great Technology for Saab. I just Hope GM markets the XWD system Properly for SAAB.

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