BioPower ad

In response to the hair ads that I posted earlier, Wilfried posted a link to some more Saab ads.

I’d posted the drink-driving ads earlier, but there was one that I hadn’t seen before. It’s for Saab BioPower but I have no idea what it’s saying. Any help available?

Saab BioPOwer ad

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  1. Could set a new trend in petrol sniffing; indigenous Australians with bad teeth and type A diabetes.

    Anyway, who says ants swarm just around sugar? They’ll swarm on anything during warmer months, including soap, cat food and toilet cleaner. For all I know, the owner of this car could have just refuelled with 98 octane Toilet Duck!



  2. I remember a story from the south west of England a while back. there was an eco freindly car show taking place in the area and when the people looking after the cars got to their stands the next day the saab had been invaded by a “herd” of ants. sweet.

  3. It says:
    “Saab BioPower, the first car fed/powered* by sugar.

    Saab presents the revolutionary BioPower Hybrid Concept, which combines two electric motors and a motor powered 100% by bioethanol, the fuel obtained from sugar cane.”

    *Wordplay: alimentare means both ‘to feed’ (when talking about things that eat) and to power (when talking about machines.)

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