Canadian prices for Saabs

A few days ago I mentioned a GM Canada press release that outlined incentives on 2008 models, including the 2008 Saab range.

Pricing in Canada has been an emerging issue in the last few months because of the falling US dollar. Prices in Canada usually involve higher dollar figures and in the customary order of things, these higher numbers reflect the bigger market and stronger dollar in the US.

That stronger-dollar element is no longer applicable, and a number of car companies have found Canadian customers heading south to pick up some bargains in the US. Some of the companies have responded by lowering their MRSPs by 8-10% but most have held off.

GM are in the latter category and haven’t adjusted official prices as yet. And some Saab dealers in the north of the US have been told quite directly to not sell to Canadian customers. I read the intro to one such story – I think the dealer was in Michigan – but the story was subscription only so I can’t recount it here.

Instead of dropping MSRPs, GM are punting on the US dollar’s return and placing incentives on vehicles in Canada instead.

Whe this was first mentioned, the incentives were spoken of in general terms and described as being between $1,500 and $10,000 – depending on the make and model. As I still hadn’t seen any details pertaining to Saab recently, I wrote to Patty Faith of GM Canada, asking what the incentives on Saab’s 2008 range would be. Her reply:

Our recent incentive announcement includes $1,500 on all 2008 Saab models. In addition, customers can push the Wish&Win button for a chance at additional savings.

I’m pretty sure this still places a 2008 Saab in Canada well above it’s US counterpart, but it’s a start.

Hopefully they’ll read the market and make some proper adjustments soon. Hyundai’s just done it – offering $3K of a $19K Tiburon, which makes it cheaper to buy in Canada than in the US.

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  1. The “Wish&Win” button?

    Why is Saab Canadia stooping to gimmicks normally reserved for follie-gag companies like Kia, Hyundai, and the like (yes, the “i” was intentional, as in Can-aye-dee-ah).

    Maybe that’s the reason the Canadan Saab customers are coming to America to buy, so they avoid the childish tactics! (yes, the “i” was intentionally left out, as in Can-uh-dins).

  2. i am in the market currently for a 2007 saab 9-3 sportcombi, it is an aero model black with TAN interior, the only true color to go with(i have never understood why people would invest in a black interior, i would never sit in a black room all day, so why do it in a car, doesnt make sense to me.)

    On another note i currently own an 07 red sport sedan 9-3 aero, i love the car to death.
    My wife will be trading in her mazda5 and we have our eye on the sport combi, currently the dealer is only willing to throw $3000 in incentives at us, i told them that the car is still $10000 over priced when the currency conversion is taken into account with the canadian to american dollar.

    As the end of the month nears i am sure they will price the model accordingly, interesting times at the moment if you live in canada!!!!

  3. My partner and I are going to be in the market for eith a Saab or BWM in late summer 08. What I really want is a 9-3SS 2.0T with XWD and esld in snow silver but I have the feeling we are going to be looking at an 09 to get said car. The significant other loves the 323i but I can talk him round. I only hope that Saab prices come down – and stay down – without needing to resort to gimmicks. Having said that we are planning on going thru an auto broker to get a lease deal.

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