Do two things, or one

Here’s two things to think about doing.

The one that you can all do is a little preposterous, but imagine it anyway.

Try and organise driving a car other than your Saab for a prolonged period of time. EVen if you get into a Saab other than your favourite Saab. Whatever. See how long you can go without driving your main car. Borrow a neighbor’s car. Walk or ride a bike. Use your second car if you have one.

And then, after a prolonged period, get back into your main car and ENJOY just being in it and moving again.

Yes, you can probably guess I drove the Viggen today. And even though it was only 50 meters to a parking spot, and with a bent rear axle, I loved every second of it. I’m now going to clean out the garage so that I can bring it home later tonight.


The second thing you can do, if you’re a Saab dealer, is think about one of those funny customer stories. I shared one a few weeks ago but would like to share some more if you’ve got some to tell.

The theme is “The customer isn’t always right”.

Of course, if none come in we’ll have to assume that the customer is always right!


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  1. I’ve commented before, but I’ve now given up my ’07 Combi for the wife’s ’03 9-5 Sedan for almost 2 months.

    At first it was because the 9-5 wasn’t running well and my wife couldn’t afford a break down. About a week of ill-starting and rough running, I took it in for the 60k mile tune-up. A change of the belt and a few other tweaks made it run like new again.

    Then, we had decided that soon we would trade in the 9-5 to get my wife a ‘Vert, and wanted to keep lower mileage on the 9-5 until then, so I kept it since I just go to-and-from work.

    Last weekend, I slipped into my Combi and was welcomed home. Just like Swade mentioned about the Viggen, the seats embraced me. The exhaust note made me feel as if it was a beautifully orchestrated symphony. And the steering was inspiring.

    And then Monday morning, wife said she wanted my Combi still. So, back in the 9-5 I went.

    Don’t get me wrong, the 9-5 is awesome too, but different nonetheless. I’m used to the 9-5 now. I miss the Combi. *sigh*

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