Do you have a Saab dream?

Right now, in my garage, I have what many might consider a Saab nightmare: a crashed Viggen and a reluctant insurance company.

But I also have a Saab dream. I have several of them, actually.

I’d like to work for them in a constructive manner for starters. My day job’s about as exciting as a lamp post and I’d love to be genuinely involved in helping Saab be successful.

But in terms of cars, I have one distinct ownership dream, which I think will be quite attainable in a few years time after we get our home mortgage behind us.

I’ve never driven one, which is totally ridiculous as I probably could have in Sweden back in June if I’d pursued an opportunity, but I’d love one all the same. I have a feeling that in reality, they’re pretty slow, but I know it’d probably feel faster than what it is.

They’re an unhailed icon for Saab, completely different from their mainstream vehicles. I don’t know why, but I just want one.

Sonett III

Normally, I’d consider a turbocharged Saab only. But there’s something so right about these Sonett III’s that I just can’t help but want to get one. And for a dream car, they’re quite reasonably priced. Some people have dream cars that will cost them six figures. You can pick one of these up for four figures.

There’s plenty of reasons to not want one of these. Parts must be difficult to find, and it’d be left-hand drive so registering it here, even for limited use, might be difficult. I’d have to ship it to Australia as well and that’s after I find a good one.

But what can I do? I have a disease.

I love the shape. I love the fact that it’s a genuine Saab and still so different from anything else they ever made. Well, sort of. I love the interior and especially the seats. Though I don’t even know if I’d fit in one of these.

Oh well. The mortgage payments will continue and I’ll keep on improving the site and cruising the classifieds in the meantime.

And whoever owns that one in the picture (I googled it) – kudos on a magnificent looking Sonett.

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  1. If I can fit in one, you can fit in one.

    Rust-free chassis are getting very hard to find for a reasonable price. I do know a friend of mine is selling one locally here in New Hampshire, but as you said, you’re looking to do this down the road.

    Keep the dream alive!

  2. I have several Saab dreams………the first one will be a 9-3ss convertible v6t 2008 XWD turboX, the problem is that doesn’t exist……instead of that a TurboX will do the fact. But I love the convertibles..

    From old Saabs…….well, I love the 99turbo like the stig blomqvist rally version. At home we mantain the 9000 V6 from 1995(the first Saab we had), also the 9-5 2.3t(1999) and I drive a 2003 9-3ss 2.0t(Nordic stageII). Now I buy from a good friend of the Saab Club of Spain, a 1992 900 t16 convertible. Its like new, restored. He is the person with the best knowledge of the old Saabs I meet. He restored for another Saab Club member one of those Sonett III,

    he also restored one 900 convertible for the same member, and several Saab 900, 99 for other member with some help of other member that have some great mechanic skills and knowledge of Saabs.

    This member has some 900’s and one 9000 Aero(another car I would like to own). And I buy from him the 900 convertible he has.

    Here in Spain, its becoming quite common that the Saab club of Spain members, that have a 9-3ss or a 9-5, enter to the “dark side” as we say and buy as a second/third car a 900 preGM or a 9000.


  3. Well I get to work for Saab in a marketing role (although on a local level), so thats a saab dream thats been filled.
    As for the Sonett…I really can’t warm up to it, I’ve tried, but something about the design puts me off. To each their own however, I’ve never driven one, but its a unique part of Saab’s history.
    My other saab dreams revolve around
    1.) a 1993 CE 900 (came so close to buying one)
    2.)an SPG 900 (preferably edwardian grey)
    3.) A Turbo X SportCombi
    4.)a 99 Turbo

    Love my 9-5 Aero, but from my personal experience one Saab won’t cut it. I need a classic 900 to compliment my modern Saab.Its addicting.

  4. i am currently the owner/operator/lover of an 02 Viggen and an 88 900T vert. i’m off to a pretty good start, but given the space/time/money, i would love to add:

    1) a post-facelift 900 SPG, black, grey, red, it doesn’t matter
    2) any early bullnose, green or red
    3) a 98 9000 Aero, dark green
    4) a 99T in that beautiful burgundy with the white TURBO lettering across the lower sides
    5) Turbo X combi, the next great Saab

  5. My top dream (among many that exceed my means) is to find one of these like #218 in a barn. How do people find these mysterious barns? I really envy some people.

  6. There is a Sonett just like that w/ low miles for sale in my area. If only I could afford it and had a place to put it. 🙁

    I’d love to have a 95 or 96. I’ve never really thought about specifics.

  7. 900 Aero ´84 black with beige leather interior like the one on old T16S brochure. Rustfree and all original. One of those for me, please.
    Actually, there´s so many of them (models) to dream of. But if I´d have to name one, that´s it, no doubt.

  8. my dream is just that, a dream:

    1. hatch
    a. (factory) +300hp and turbo;
    b. black on black
    c. side turn indicators in the side mirrors;
    d. xwd + elsd, standard
    e. fogs, standard
    f. moon roof, standard
    g. scissor front doors (option);
    h. 6-speed manual; no paddles;
    i. premium leather, standard;
    j. (factory) bluetooth;
    k. no offstar;
    l. aero-x headlights;
    m. cross-drilled ventilated brake discs
    n. mp3 player jack;
    o. 80gb hard drive; and
    p. usb port.

    2. sedan
    a. a thru p, id.; and
    b. fold-down rear seat

  9. I have a differant dream,I would like to convert a 9-5 saloon into a convertible. It would be white with white leather. Not sure how the roof would look or work but as its a dream it would be perfect. 🙂

  10. see the problem here is you have the wrong sonnett – the Sonnett III is ugly blocky and poorly proportioned when parked next to the real deal, the Sonnett II. My dad had (before my older sister was born) a 1969 Sonnett V4. Much prettier, lighter car.

    Yeah parts are difficult to find to say the least.

    By the way he sold that car when my sister was born to get something with more room – a brand new (1984) Chevrolet Cavalier wagon – now how’s that for future buyer’s remorse?)

  11. Ultimately, I think nothing can top the NG900/OG9-3 for me. It was the first Saab I ever saw, the first Saab I ever rode in or drove…hell, it was the first time I’d ever even heard of Saab. I have an NG900 now, but I really really want a 4-door 9-3 Viggen.

    That’s assuming I can only have one Saab. Otherwise, I’d also want a C900 turbo vert, a Sonett III, and a bright yellow 96 that I’d convert into a yellow Saabmarine! 😀

  12. by the way, sorry for the double post –

    but I have a Saab dream, it’s a 9000 CSE Aero (2.3 Turbo HO) 5-speed in green with white leather seats. Or a lightning blue 9-3 Viggen 5-door.

    or an 850 Monte Carlo! 🙂


  13. My dream is simple:

    A 60th anniv. 9-3 in white, with integrated bluetooth and iPod connectivity.

    That’s it. I’m happy with the car the way it is.

    Well, bluetooth, ipod and white…in a diesel.

  14. Actually, Im driving my “Saab dream” virtually everyday(thanx SaabUSA/DOT). Its Cosmic, its diesel, its 40+mpg on bioD, its been easily the best of maybe 40? Saabs Ive owned, now with over 90Kmiles.
    I also bought mom a Civic Hybrid in 03. Its decent for what it does, but there is plenty GM&Saab could learn from that and improve on. Being able to go even ten miles on battery only(ala the “concept convertible”) would be
    a great option.
    Having had several Sonetts and fixed many more…15+ years ago now? can only suggest you drive one for a half-hour, youll probably get over it. Any you find now will surely be rusted or fubared.

  15. The special edition 9000 LPT in 1996 or 1997 was really a sweet ride. A little more of a drivers car as one has to work harder for max performance.

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