Early Turbo-X customers in the US get free Road Atlanta course

Djup Strupe has just dropped this one in my inbox.

Whilst the Saab Aero Academy has opened up to all comers on a slight fee-paying basis, a free course will be available to early-order customers of the Saab Turbo-X.


Turbo X Special Pre-sale Order Period

In order to generate early pre-sale orders for the new Turbo X, a special pre-sale order period is being established starting 12/1/07 and ending 1/31/08. The first 100 customers who make a pre-sale order during this period and whose dealer registers them at www.SaabTurboXAcademy.com will entitle those customers to complimentary attendance at the Saab Turbo X Driving Academy.

The Saab Turbo X Driving Academy is a special two-day edition of the Saab Aero Academy that includes driving on Road Atlanta’s famed 2.4-mile road course. Also included are two-night lodging accommodations at the four-star Château Élan Winery and Resort located just minutes from Road Atlanta. Three sessions of the Turbo X Driving Academy will be held at Road Atlanta in Brazelton, GA during the June and July 2008 timeframe. Please note that participating customers would be responsible for their own travel related expenses.


So if you’re thinking of picking up one of these brilliant vehicles and want a summary course in learning what it can really do, then maybe you ought to consider getting in quick!

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  1. Anyone who wishes to buy me a Turbo X, I will gladly accept. I may work for Saab, but that doesn’t mean I can put down the cold hard cash for a new one.
    Happy Saabidays!

  2. Yeah I think we all need to see the pricing first. My guess it’s it’s going to be through the roof and sales will continue to be slow.

    Too bad too, it’s a sweet car!

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