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I’m on my last $1 of web credit…..

Coming up – a post on what I’ve learned in the last 24 hours about luxury and what a complete waste of money and time it can be. Including what matters the most and what people will most appreciate, rather than what people will willingly hnd over money for.

Sometimes you’ve got to waste a bunch of money to finally get some of this stuff.

Oh, and happy Turkey Day for a few days ago to you ‘mericans.

Saab – stay practical. Don’t buy into this luxury crap. Let Caddy do it. Please.

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  1. I look forward to reading Swade’s revelation.

    But I have to say that I really don’t think Saab have seriously been pursuing the “luxury” status of their cars despite GM’s mandate yet anyway.

    However, GM realizes in order to sell Saabs for a price they can be profitable at they’re going to have to position them as “premium” cars. Who’s going to buy a USD30K+ car that isn’t “near luxury”?

    Does anyone have a source of how much a classic 900 Turbo (not considered at that time a “near-luxury” car) sold for in 1993? Then adjust that for today’s dollar. I think you’ll be surprised at how expensive they were. This is because it cost so much to produce the car and they had to make a profit. This led to a decrease in sales. So you either have to make the car more cheaply or call the car “premium” and sell it for more to make money.

  2. I’d like to see Saab show off the awesome safety-power relationship. Let Caddy deal with the high-end luxury (Merc, Audi’s A line and the higher end BMWs). I think Saab would be a perfect contender to the lower end of BMW (3 series and 5 series), any Asian make, Alfa Romeo and the R/RS lines of Audi.

    Saab has all of them beat on safety already, styling (though Alfa is gonna’ give them a run for the money) and are only slightly behind on performance. I think Saab could easily be the every day sports car for the niche market, a poor man’s Porsche if you will.

    Safe, functional, understated and sporty. Perfection.

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