Epsilon II coming – Opel Insignia

The next Saab 9-3 and 9-5 models are both going to be on variations of the Gm Epsilon II platform.

It’s interesting, therefore, that the first car to come on this platform has been named today. Everyone knew it was going to be the Vectra replacement, but the actual name wasn’t released until today, I believe.

It’s the Opel Insignia and it’ll be shown first at the London Motor Show in July 2008. I’m secretly hoping that we might get a peek at the new Saab 9-5 before then, however.

GM have just put out this video, taking a laugh at a spy photographer trying to get a shot of it. All in good humour, though somehow I don’t think they’ll be smiling if and when some real images get out.

And experience shows that they will.

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  1. How pathetic…
    2 minutess of crap for a set of headlights!
    Oh lets just copy Renault… pfff
    Has GM ever thought of creating something that’s actually new and innovative. Or do they Have to steal everybody else’s ideas.
    Have you lot read the blurb that whet with this video.
    At one point I was wondering whether this was a Saab they were launching. with comments like
    sophisticated powertrain technology.
    active safety.
    environmental friendliness is unrivaled even among considerably more expensive competitors.

    One could get confused.

    Then add; that this new fantastic piece of equipment will have Turbo charged Bio-ethanol engines. 180hp Twin Turbo Diesels and AWD 2.8V6 engines and I feel Saab yet again are getting sold out!
    We have Astra Coupe’s with Panoramic Roofs, 260hp 2.0Di Turbo Engines while the new 9-3 just gets the same old engine, and while Saab still have to offer an outdated 1.8i 122hp, OPEL have a great new 140hp version. God talk about letting Saab rot….
    It’s just a huge whack of insult to the engineers who created this stuff for GM to not let Saab use it.
    What a load of Crap!
    I hate OPEL
    the managers are a bunch of thieving bastards who should be subjected to very slow and painful deaths for abusing Saab in the way they have for the past years.

  2. Sorry swade & swedes, info at this link is in german (but that’s more readable than swedish):
    The name Insignia was used already for the concept-car in 2003:
    That one shares a bit of general form with the 9-5 replacement photoshopped hatchback picts that occured on this site earlier.

    So is opel going to get the primeur or will saab have it ?

  3. It beats me why GM dont roll out the Saab with the EpsilonII chassis first (with whatever else new technology they have to throw in), and then roll it out on the Opel/Vauxhall junk.

    Saab would benefit greatly from not being tarred with the line ‘..it uses the vectra/insignia chassis’ and the Vectra/insignia would benefit from having ‘the chassis from the Saab’.

    It may seem trivial but i think both brand images would benefit greatly from the roll out reversal.

  4. When Opel is first, it will be hit by more problems than Saab.

    And making Saab few months earlier really doesnt help the big picture, Saab is made in Germany, at the same plant as Opel. If somebody wants to say that Saab is 100% Opel, there’s plenty of ammo already.

    Also I dont think there will be major market entry time difference between this “insignia” and new 9-5.

  5. Sorry TuuSar,
    Your comment seems to lead that the current 9-3 is already built in Rüsselshiem. It is not. And It will not move to Germany next year either. The facts still remain… The current 9-3 sedan and combi can only be built at Trollhättan. Production will only move to Opel’s main Plant once the new models come to fruit. This means that both 9-3 and 9-5 will continue to be built in Sweden until mid 2009 when only production of the 9-5 will be shifted to Rüsselshiem. This means that Trollhättan will be producing the current 9-3 until at least 2011.

  6. What a boring name for a car – “Insignia”

    The definition of insignia is “emblem.” Synonyms include “badge” “mark” and “decoration.”

    How about that Opel Emblem? Great car, eh?

  7. The reason that Epsilon II is being rolled out on the cheap mass-market marques first is so GM can work out any unforseen kinks before they make it to the nicer brands. It makes perfect sense. Would you rather your Saab have Epsilon II growing pains, or would you rather have some other guy’s Opel have them so they can be fixed before they finalize production on your Saab?

  8. Are you people stupid, or what? Opel Vectra is crushing Saab 9-5 in all car tests and it is in the top among cars when it comes to quality. It outsells Saab by a factor 20. Of course GM wants to release the top brand first!

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