First Hirsch modified 2008 Saab – delivered Sept 2007.

Imagine being able to shop for your Saab in a dealership centered around Hirsch-modified Saabs.


Following are some photos of the first Hirsch Saab 9-3 delivered by Hirsch Ruckstuhl AG, a dealership in Switzerland. Take a good look at these enlargeable photos and tell me if you agree – every Saab 9-3 should look, and go, this good.

Note the carbon leather dash trim in the interior shot, too. Just outstanding! Lose the batwing steering wheel and I think this could just about be my perfect car.

Click the pics to enlarge and get a really good look.

2008 Hirsch

2008 Hirsch

2008 Hirsch

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  1. That carbon leather dash (and door handles and brake handle as well?) really brings the 9-3 interior up to the standard it should be at.

    The picture here really puts the dash in context. The hirsch website doesn’t really give you an idea of how it would look in real life.

  2. Nice, but I think they should add a dead pedal matching the other pedals.I’m dumbfounded that Saab doesn’t include one and leaves that part of the carpet exposed for wear. Plus, the plastic under-carpet dead pedal isn’t firm enough. I added a dead pedal from Ultimate Pedals to my Saab and it firmed it up very nicely so that I can push very hard while cornering, and it protects the carpet.

  3. My 2003 9-3 does have a dead pedal. Could that be one of those unexplained North America to Europe differences?

    This car looks sexy! Damn, black just looks awesome on the new 9-3!

  4. Dead pedals- and lack thereof in some places-its product liability crap. Imagine- driver cannot stop or drive car due mental confusion over similar appearance of 4 pedals!

    Verdict: Manufacturer liable ?

    = Money

  5. These pictures and news are as exciting as they are depressing due to the fact that only a handful of countries in Europe can supply these amazing vehicles to the public. Honestly, how can Saab deny the Hirsch potential as sales for vehicels will sky rocket. This is simply un business minded !!!

  6. Re dead pedal.

    They were found on the MY03 cars, but then the spec was reduced on the carpet and the dead pedal was lost too (along with other things like illuminated key surround that was a nice touch).

    Im baffled why the carbon dash isnt available in RHD form – their losing out on one big market in the UK???

  7. “but then the spec was reduced on the carpet and the dead pedal was lost too”

    Do you know, if it is possible to install it to newer models, should owner want it to do so?

    I´ve never noticed this before, though I´ve driven ´03 SS long time ago. I really should go and take a look at the dead pedal. That´s something I´ve been missing on my SC since the day one. The carpet looks looks rather bad already at 30000km on the clock. Salt, gravel and all the dirt get´s collected there and it´s diffucult to keep the area clean.