Friday trip Snippets

Our last full day in Melbourne.


The Priscilla verdict – predicatable and pretty poor jokes, great music and some brilliant, brilliant costumes.

The funniest parts? There were two.

1. The fact that one of the leads reminded me very much of Richo.

2. Seeing Michael Caton (from “The Castle” – a must-see Australian movie) dressed as a Kangaroo singing “I Will Survive”.


Someone took umbridge at my criticism of modern art yesterday, citing Saab’s involvement with the Documenta festival in Germany as a link between Saab and modern art.

Allow me to clarify: my wife is a part time painter, so I get taken around to look at a lot of art in order to share her hobby, just as she endures mine (which you’re reading now). I really like good art. But geez, there’s a lot of crap out there posing as art and I’d consider yesterday’s citation as one of them.

A good example is below.


There’s one particular country in the world that I’ve lambasted for it’s billboard mismanagement in the past (the faulty billboard is still in place by the way) and for letting one of it’s most passionate Saab enthusiast employees go in favour hiring the goose who presmuably put together the aforementioned dodgy billboard.

Well, that former employee, despite being treated so poorly by Saab there, has still gone and bought his first Saab and is over the moon about it.

I can’t respond to the email at the moment, so take this inclusion as my heartfelt congratulations, J!!!

And to Saab in that particular country – pull your socks up and get this guy back!!


And some better art, as promised.

Click to enlarge:

Better Art

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  1. I would’ve thought they’d have some sort of dress code at an art museum. That art critic looks like Borat’s sidekick… 😉

    I’m sorry to say I have very little appreciation for art in almost any form except design or architecture.

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