GM doing the right thing in Cali

I usually skip past the feel-good stories from GM as they often come across as PR-motivated stunts.

But this one came into my inbox from a customer who benefitted and rather than being a GM-helps-charity PR story it’s a quiet tale of GM benefitting a group of customers.

As I was driving over to my dealership to get an oil change today, I heard a radio ad from GM saying that they will give anyone in the Southern California counties affected by the wildfires a new air cleaner. Free parts and installation. So I asked my Saab service writer and he said yup, let’s get you one.

Cheers to Ron P for sending it in. If you’re in an area where these fires have messed with you and your car’s air supply, then check it out.

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  1. Sweet! I’ll have to check into this. Do you know if it’s just the engine air filter, or do they include the cabin filter as well?

  2. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include the cabin filter.

    Ron P asked about that but it wasn’t included. Still, it’s something for nothing that’ll help with people’s vehicles.

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