GM Europe Web TV

Whilst I store, and source, most of the video from this site from either YouTube or Google Video, did you know that you can watch or download a whole range of Saab videos from GM Europe Web TV?

GMEWTV (how’s that for an acromyn?) is available to all-comers and carries a range of modern Saab videos covering recent new vehicle releases and motor shows.

You can watch them at the site, or download them in either M4V, quicktime or WMV formats. Yes, download them onto your own machine for free!

Here’s an example of the type of material they’ve got there. This is the Saab Design DNA video that was put together for the Paris Motor Show (although it says it was produced in 2007 and Paris was last year – oh well).

Cool stuff. Click here to go to the main site and then select Saab from the channel menu on the left.

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  1. now this is the kind of commercial saab needs to sell is cars too bad its only a website promo,were stuck with bullcrap like jets shooting fire from its ass!!!!!!!!!

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