Hairy convertible ads

Just spotted these two ads for the Saab 9-3 Convertible. It seems to be the old convertible in the bottom corner there, so I’m not sure how old these are, but they’ve only just come to my attention.

One point of interest is that they’ve been put together by McCann Erickson in Barcelona. This is interesting because SaabUSA recently changed their ad account from Lowe Worldwide to McCann Erickson.

I didn’t know that McCann Erickson had done any Saab stuff in Europe (I don’t keep track of these things) and I wonder if it signals the sort of change in artistic direction that SaabUSA might get for the future of the BFJ campaign. Not that I’d be expecting a rush of hairy BFJ ads, but this does seem more artistic (less cartoonish) than SaabUSA’s recent material.

Click on them to enlarge.

Saab Blonde

Saab Black

I can’t explain why, but I like these. I wish they’d made the convertible in the corner a little bigger, but I like them nonetheless.

It’s not the first time hair has been used to advertise the convertible, either. Click through to see some ads from Lowe that emphasised the bad hair days that one might encounter in a convertible.

I’ve never seen either the bad hair or the artistic hair ads in print here in Oz. I have to assume they’re for the European market. They look great, through.

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  1. I don’t know, that seems a bit creepy to me. It is a creative idea, I’ll give them that, though I think the more subtle European ads wouldn’t translate well to more overt Americans. In general we have no appreciation for art (myself included, I’m sorry to report).

    I also doubt what McCann Erickson (an Irish-Swedish firm?) does for the Spanish market would be replicated in any form or style in the American market. It’s probably a completely different team producing the ads over there than would over here, despite being part of the same overall corporation.

    Wasn’t Lowe Worldwide (is Lowe Brindfors part of Lowe Worldwide?) responsible for those excellent microsites on the Saab Global website as well as some exceptional Swedish print ads? Here we got the stupid cartoonish BFJ commercials from them.

    Lowe Brindfors Sweden also produced the popular “Release Me” commercial.

    Saab USA have a very small advertising budget so they have to be smart and targeted with whatever they do. Currently the new Chevy Malibu is saturating the airwaves and print media. I was reading a USA Today newspaper the other day and there was a Malibu ad on seemingly every page. All of GM’s other marques seem to be getting a lot of air time as well, but the big push right now is the Malibu.

    Thanks for sharing these.

  2. The Malibu and CTS are getting the push. Almost every site a visit daily, either has a Malibu or CTS banner ad somewhere on it. Even on Windows Live Messenger at the bottom, has a Malibu ad. Its everywhereee.

    I like these hair ads, kinda makes you a take a double take on what you are really looking at.

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