Hatch loving and laughing at this petty challenge

This only partially loaded 900 belongs to Robert L.

This isn’t a momentus BBTH entry, but it’s worthwhile all the same because in a very simplistic photo, it shows all the versatility of the Saab hatch.

Whilst this mower doesn’t trouble the load space of the 900 at all, the fact that it would trouble many sedan owners is almost a fait accompli. Too tall for the trunk? Too awkward to get into the back seat? And yet here in the hatch it looks small.

Bring back the hatch!!

Mower in car

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  1. Bye the way the parcel shelf was in place when I drove from Sears with the mower. After owning this car almost 19 years I couldn’t help but marvel as I drove the 10 km home on a 4 lane road blowing away SUV’s and pick-up trucks “Wow this car handles like a sports car” even with a load!

  2. Awesome. As i said before, and will
    say again: my love for the hatch was solidified
    that awful day when i could not fit a regular computer monitor box in my 4 door ’91 Mazda 626.

    Hatch = freedom!
    Freedom to move what
    you want to move!

  3. I do miss those fold flat floors in my old ’85 900 Turbo. I now have a 2002 9-3SE and it’s just not quite the same. I love it…but it’s not all that it could be. In the old 900s you could slide stuff around and not have to heave ho over the hinges and seams. It was a perfect drop and slide right from the bumper! Ditto: bring back the hatch!

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