Hatch loving with Mr Saab

It’s the month of hatch loving, where we celebrate the versatility and beauty of some of Saab’s best work.

Gripen’s been kind enough to scan this one and send it through. It none other than Mr Saab himself, Erik Carlsson, and somehow I get the feeling that this wasn’t anywhere near the first time he’s done this in a Saab.

How many others have done the same? I’ve got to confess that I’ve always believed that man belongs in the bed that’s customary to the period he lives in. There was a day when straw mats were great, but give me a queensize posturepedic matress and a woolen quilt any day. I’m not much of a camper.

I’m also puzzled by how a guy as tall as Carlsson could be even remotely comfortable. I know there’s plenty of room back there, but this is some tall timber we’re talking about here.

Regardless, the hatch proves itself again. BRING BACK THE HATCH!

Carlsson Hatch

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  1. I have done this lots of times, alone and together with my wife in a classic 900 and together with a friend in a 9000.


  2. I´ve done that too! couple of times in c900 with my wife few years ago and once in a 9000 alone. C900 offers exactly 180cm flat floor which is enough for me. On a 3 door version those rear side windows are very practical to get some fresh air in. 9000 was a bit uncomfy. Floor is not flat and it´s shorter. Also the back of rear seat does not go flat on a aero.

    Did you notice that Carlsson has special 2/2 foldable seat on a c900! Maybe the other side of the seat is removed so that there´s a bit more space?!

  3. there is no splitseats in the 5-door 900, at least not in mine and i have a MY92. me thinks SAAB wouldhave figured it out by then.
    I went to IKEA last week getting some stuff for my apartment, and i sure could use a 50/50 fold on the seats.

    made the trip with my mom and my sister, so i couldnt fold down the seats, otherwise i could have fitted even more and close the hatch properly.

    stuff thats in there,
    2 Bookcases and 4 drawer inserts
    1 Swivel workchair
    1 Table and 4 adjustable legs
    1 Shoecabinet
    1 Magnetic noticeboard
    1 Ceiling lamp
    kitchen stuff. pots, pans, glasses, bowls, measuring utensils, chopping boards, foodsaving set and various useful utensils.

    and this is just what i got. mom and my sister got some stuff for themselves aswell.

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