Help save a beautiful Saab 96

I’m posting this to help out a friend of a friend.

You all know Ivan, who designs and sells a rather groovy range of Saab T-shirts (free shipping for orders over $25 at the moment in the US!!). Ivan has a friend in Hungary who owns this vintage Saab 96, which I think we’ll all agree looks pretty darn special.

Saab 96

This Saab 96 has a gearbox problem and Ivan’s asked me to ask you for help. I know most of the visitors to this site drive more modern Saabs, but there’s also a few old-timers out there and maybe you can be of assistance.

From Ivan’s email to me:

Unfortunately, he’s having some problems with the gearbox and the clutch. He has already changed the bearings of the clutch but he needs some more parts, which seem almost impossible to buy in Hungary.

He needs the syncronmesh for gears 3 and 4 and the input/output pair of the gear 4. Please, does anybody have any idea how can he get those parts?

I’ve already referred them Svenska Saabklubben and as soon as I figure out how, I’ll also lodge an email on the VSAAB mailout.

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  1. The reality is that it’s probably easier to find a replacement box than replacements parts for one. Rolf Jensen and Chip Lamb are the best bets.


  2. The most active forum is Yahoo vSAAB, and he is sure to get a response from Chip if he posts his needs there. 🙂
    Also, www_dot_vsaab_dot_com has a free text-only want ad section for those who subscribe to their mailing list, also free.

  3. I meant to add that I would help if I had known good parts, but I don’t know the condition of the transmissions/parts that I have. Also, this 96 appears to be a 69 or later V4, and mine are all for strokers. So, even if my parts are good, the gear ratios will be wrong, and I don’t think the parts are interchangeable with the stronger V4 transmission anyway.

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