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The following text is from an article at GoAuto.

All of this was covered in Jan-Ake Jonsson’s speech as posted on video here a few days ago. I’m unsure as to some of the timelines mentioned in this article.

If you prefer reading to video, then read on.

And if you’d like to read GoAuto’s review of the 2008 Saab 9-3 – they were at the same drive event that I was – then click here.


SAAB Automobile has experienced a dip in sales this year due to the introduction of a facelifted 9-3 range, but expects to be quickly back on track and heading towards profitability. Global managing director Jan-Ake Jonsson said in Melbourne last week that the General Motors-owned brand had lowered its breakeven point by reducing costs, but he would not be drawn on when the Swedish brand would return a profit for its American masters.

Mr Jonsson said that Saab was now making the most of its GM connection, not only in accessing technical developments and new product like the Astra-based 9-1 compact car due in two years, but also with its business operations.

“We have previously not made the most of our link to the world’s biggest car-maker,” said Mr Jonsson at the local launch of the heavily revised 9-3. “We aim to increase productivity by between fi ve and 15 per cent per year, and last year we had our best-ever sales of 133,000 units.

“In 2007 we are down about eight per cent because of the change-over with 9-3 (but) this month we have made good gains with the new 9-3 and (by the end of the year) we will get close to 2006.

“The bottom line is that we have significantly lowered the threshold for profitability to between 150,000 and 175,000 units.”

Mr Jonsson did not reveal when he thought Saab would reach this threshold, but a massive (for Saab) new model roll-out over the next
two years will surely see the company set significant new sales records.

Interestingly, Australia is one of a handful of countries (along with Spain, France, Russia and Norway) to defy the sales decline this year, being 16 per cent up to the end of October.

The priority for Saab now is the replacement for the aging 9-5, which Mr Jonsson conceded was long overdue, having been first presented in 1997. Expect to see the Vectra-based 9-5 Mark 2 revealed by the end of next year and to be quickly followed by the 9-4X – an SUV that is being jointly developed with Cadillac.

A Saab insider begrudgingly noted that one downside of GM ownership is that the Cadillac version is likely to be launched ahead of the
Saab, so it may be that we first see this new SUV appear at the Detroit motor show in early 2009.

Late 2009 should see the arrival of the 9-1, which is being developed off the next generation Astra platform and will give Saab a car to rival the BMW 1 Series and Audi A3. Those three all-new models should provide Saab with considerable extra volume and reduce the company’s reliance on the 9-3 – which Mr Jonsson said accounts for two-thirds of all Saab sales currently.

The all-new 9-3 should arrive by the end of 2010, but the latest midlife facelift should keep it ticking along in the meantime, along with a new all-wheel drive option that will arrive in Australia next June.

Another Saab executive emphatically told GoAuto that the company would never build a rear-wheel drive car like BMW and Mercedes-Benz, saying it is now satisfied with being able to offer all-wheel drive in addition to its previously exclusive frontdrive

Saab will therefore not be utilising GM’s new compact RWD Alpha architecture, which is likely to be used by Cadillac, Pontiac and Holden from 2011.

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  1. Just read the GoAuto review and … sigh … another review that fails to mention Saab’s class-leading safety. Saab is the Rodney Dangerfield of cars. 🙁
    Otherwise, not a horrible review, but not good. Hopefully, Saab can eventually use a GM-sourced 6-speed auto in place of the slug from Aisin and get better reviews auto-wise.

  2. Well there you go, Praveen’s influence is being felt/seen in only his 2nd year at the helm. He must become an Aussie, get his citizenship sorted out and remain in this role for a minimum of 5 -8 years (or forever). We need individuals of his caliber and ability. He’s turn the tables over, well done.

  3. Swade, this article mentions that we may see the Cadillac variant of the 9-4X instead of the Saab one at Detroit. Were you told that you’d witness a debut at Detroit when you’re there? If not the 9-4X I can only guess it’d be the 9-3X (or whatever they decide to call the ruggedized jacked-up 9-3 XWD Combi).

    What is the “massive (for Saab) product rollout in the next two years”? They’re planning to replace the 9-7X with the 9-4X and the 9-3X can’t be considered a new “model” but rather a new model variant.

    Wow, that didn’t take long. They’re already calling the next-gen 9-5 the “Vectra-based 9-5 Mark 2”. 🙁 Then they go on to say it’ll be followed at the end of next year (2008 as a 2009 model) by the 9-4X? This doesn’t make sense at all. I think we’re going to see the 9-4X debut at Detroit, then enter production late in ’08 as an ’09 model and then we’ll see the 9-5 in late ’09 as a ’10 model. Then they claim late in ’09 we’ll see the 9-1!?!? Everything else I’ve read doesn’t have the 9-1 coming out any time before ’11. Am I wrong?

  4. The 9-5 should be SAAB’s priority now.

    What is needed is a 9-5 XWD with a V6 3.0 turbo diesel, 6 speed auto box and bring back the old SAAB 9000 Aero seats ( in my opinion the best car seat ever made).

    Perhaps then SAAB with have a decent mid range executive car to compete.

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