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ctm has mailed through some worldwide Saab sales info. Very brief.

For October, Saab showed a marked improvement, growing sales by 9.4% over the same month last year. The industry average figure was 5.5%. This is no doubt on the back of initial demand for the 2008 Saab 9-3 in Europe, as well as the 9-3 BioPower having been released since October 2006.

Saab are still down for the year, though, by 7.2% against what was a record year last year.

It’ll be interesting to see how the rest of the year goes.


I was going to compile a poll on people’s signature colours (please note the ‘u’ there, Matt) but as I read through the list, I realised it would be easier just to put a poll up with the whole bleedin list from Saab’s color palette over the years.

The answers are as varied as we are.

As it happens it’s now too late at night for me to take that on, so I’ll have to leave it for another day.


I can’t let this snippets post without mentioning that there’s a supposed Sonett III Turbo over at Jalopnik.

Could you really whack a turbo on one of those things?

It’s really poorly photographed, so it’s impossible to tell from the engine pic.


How many of you who visit here have driven a Sonett III?

What’s it like?

Once the website’s back on its feet and the Viggen is repaired I’m thinking of a major website project for the future – and importing a Sonett III has some real appeal. But is it worth it?


The Ghangzhou Motor Show is coming up and Saab China will be showcasing the 2008 Saab 9-3 – and I love the description:

The brand new Saab 93 series will also play a leading role in SGM’s showcase of fancy models. The powerful Saab 9-3 Aero 2.8T V6 model will also be exhibited in China for the first time.

I’m fascinated with the prospect of Saab expanding their exposure in China. Actually, I’m just fascinated with China, to be honest. Such a mysterious place.

I hope Saab do a big release there one day and invite some bloggers along for the trip.

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  1. I’ve actually driven one once, and a Sonett II once. A test drive of a new Sonett II in 67/68, and stored a friend’s Sonett III one winter in 1985. Didn’t get to push either one, but the sense of control and road feel was absolutely awesome. I’m still hoping to grab one someday, preferably a Sonett II.
    I voted and see the Sonett is running away from the MG in the poll. Guess that’s not a good thing though considering it’s for Project Car Hell.

  2. I have seen a Turbo Sonett being dyno’d at the 2006 U.S. SOC, in Lake George.

    IIRC I have a picture of it, but not one that shows the turbo, I’m afraid.

    The power number was about 110-115 hp. Which apparently is enough to make the Sonett scary, scary fast, given how light it is.

  3. Thanks for the “U” Steve , but you missed one “bleedin list from Saab’s COLOR palette over the years.”
    Your English teacher would be horrified.

  4. I doubt the Sonett III on the Jalopnik site has been turbo’d, but below is linked a couple pics I took this summer of a turbocharged Sonett III. Don’t ask me the details because I don’t remember them but it’s not a simple bolt-on job. I’m perfectly happy with my stock Sonett III though, it’s a blast to drive!

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