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Whilst preparing a post for later on today that involved a link to Svenska Saabklubben, I noticed that the link that I had on the blogroll was out of date.

It’s now been updated, but it makes me wonder how many others might be outdated.

If you’re part of a club with a link on the blogroll in the right sidebar, then an you please check the link and make sure it’s linking to the right page?

If it’s not linked correctly (or if your club doesn’t have a link at all), then let me know via email and include the appropriate URL for the link.

Also, if your club site doesn’t have a reciprocal link to Trollhattan Saab on your club site, could I kindly request that you add one? It helps to support the site in two ways – a) by letting your club members know that it exists, and b) it also helps out with the search engines as they see links as a vote of confidence in the site.


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  1. Swade, would a link to trollhattansaab on my personal website (my own URL) help the confidence vote? I’ll put one there regardless, just wondering.

  2. I e-mailed the administrator of the Southern California Saab Club (SoCal Saab) website requesting he add a reciprocal link and he responded that he’d do it later today! Not sure how much it helps, but hopefully it helps.

  3. Thanks TimJ – now fixed.

    And thanks for doing that, Gripen. All those inbound links do help. The more reputable the source of the link, the more it helps. Google sees these as a vote of confidence in the site and all the little ones trickle up to provide more confidence.

    And thanks to you, Ted, as well. As I said, it all helps.

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