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There’s been no news published about the results of the rally meet at Croft last weekend, but at least there’s some photos of Per Eklund’s Saab on Flickr.

Per lent the car to Ollie O’Donnell for the meet. Let’s hope he did the 9-3 proud!

More pics here.



Ice BarPart of the Saab 9-3 launch last week included a ticket to attend Derby Day, a race meeting in Melbourne that’s part of the big buildup to the Melbourne Cup, which is being run tomorrow.

Due to me waking feeling pretty sick Saturday morning and the weather looking less-than-ideal, I decided not to fight my way through 100,000 people just for the sake of snapping a few shots.

The event went ahead though, and Vogue magazine has a few pics of some of the celebs who attended. I think I recognise three of them. The Saab tent is in a part of the track called The Birdcage and it’s all high society there. Very swanky.

Ice barSaab set up a replica of the Ice Bar there and had a convertible up on ice. To the right you see one of my favorite Aussie singers, the always smiling Kate Ceberano. I had a Gallien Krueger guitar amp that once belonged to her brother. Not that that means anything at all. It was a crap amp.

Kate’s outside the Ice Bar. If she was inside she’d have to wear the big coat, like the woman above.

My apologies to all the people there in Melbourne to whom I should have passed on my ticket. It was rather dumb of me to let it go unused.


Who wouldn’t want to win a Saab Ice Experience?

If you win (UK people only) then you too can drink beer in a hot tub and roll in the snow with Per Eklund!!

Thanks Kaylan – though I’m not sure she rolled in the snow with Per, but, you know…..

Ice Experience

Ice Experience

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  1. Ha-ha! Them’s my pictures but I hadn’t got round to sending you an emailing about them.

    According to he won one of the October 21st finals at Croft and came second in another. Unfortunately this weekend’s rallycrossing didn’t go so well.

    Dave Bellerby in Per Eklund’s old 9-3 had to retire from a race due to mechanical problems. He came to a stop just a few yards short of the finish line.

    Ollie O’Donovan in Per’s 9-3 ASS made the final and finished 4th.

    Earlier in the day the commentator had said the cars were being rented by the drivers.

    I saw Mr. Eklund on his bicycle as well!(Though by then I’d put my camera away.)

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