Monday Quick Snippets

There’s little in the way of news or road tests going on at the moment, so some soft snippets follow….


The New England Auto Show starts this week and Trollhattan Saab should be there on press day. I say should as my holiday last week led me to neglect touching base with my contact there. The date has just crept up on me. I’ve done so now and hopefully everything should go ahead OK.

This show will be important, of course, as it’ll see the North American debut of the Turbo-X, which means we should also get news of Turbo-X pricing for the US as well.

I’m tipping it’ll be somewhere just north of $40,000 – but that’s just me.


Preparations continue for the Detroit Auto Show next month. Last week I got my new digital camera, a Canon EOS 300D digital SLR.

This week I got my voice recording problem solved with the purchase of an Olympus digital voice recorder. It records in WMA and has an inbuilt USB port for loading up to my laptop.

Photos – covered. Interviews – covered. Video – covered.

I know there’s a couple of journalistic types hanging around here. Any further advice?


They did it at the Ice Hotel and recently, Saab Australia did it at the horse races in Melbourne. Now it’s happening again.

A Norwegian car show recently featured another 9-3 convertible on ice. This time it wasn’t the customary electric blue convertible used on previous occasions, but it looks suspiciously like a Saffron Yellow model, in what is perhaps a sneak peek at the as-yet unofficial new hero color for the Convertible in 2008.

The following image is from a video that’s on show here.

Saffron Yellow


I’m getting my Swedish thing happening and reading some Martin Beck books at the moment. Good reading.


Saab were the first, but as expected, they won’t be the only company using the new XWD system from Haldex.

Haldex have announced another partnership for XWD, one that they’re quite excited about. Hyundai will be the first Asian carmaker to use a Haldex system, which they’re currently testing. With the recent positive press surrounding their Genesis concept car and the i30 winning and award here in Australia over the weekend, things are looking good for the company that once made the Excel (which had a somewhat more dubious nickname here in Oz – the Hyundai Arsehole. Everyone’s got one).

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  1. Swade mate,

    Motor show pre – requisites:voice recorder, camera, battery charger, spare liver…

    Empty bowels earlyu in mornign adn lien stomache with milk and egg nog- liens teh gut and protects it from alcohol.

    Eat breakfast on the BMW stand – sausages – do fish adn smorgasbord on the Saab stand- and be sure to lunch at Citroen or Renault.

    Oh an have a vodka on the Volvo stand.

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