Munich airport gets some BioPower

The Franz Josef Strauss International Airport in Munich has just installed and opened an E85 pump on site.

To make use of it, they’ve also taken delivery of some Saab 9-5 BioPower emergency vehicles for use at the airport. These new black 9-5s compliment the yellow fiction friction testers that they, and airports around the world, have been using for some time. More on that later.

“After many years of reliable use of Saab as Friction-Tester at Munich airport, further cooperation was therefore a logical evolution, – and especially with environmentally BioPower-Model Saab,” said Peter Trautmann when receiving the new emergency vehicles.

BioPower Germany

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  1. Swade, first you call it a ‘fiction’ tester, then you quote Peter Trautmann calling it a ‘friction’ tester…either way, what is it?
    (I just flew through Munich airport on Tuesday, but didn’t notice the Saab presence…)

  2. Nice- and the Germans using a non German car too!

    Its all fiction (laugh -nice typo) mate.

    If anyone is ever lucky enough to fly Lufthansa First Class (I did at someones expense), they take you from the Senator First Class lounge to the plane in a car – across the tramac in a Porsche or a big Merc! Your own personal car out to the gate- fantastic views of the planes mates!

  3. I would assume a friction tester tests the friction on the runway so the planes don’t skid? That seems logical, but I’m just guessing.

    I’m surprised they didn’t go with a hydrogen-powered BMW, because apparently, the technology is there when the world is ready for it!!!

    (That really had nothing to do with the airport, I just hate that commercial).

  4. See, those 95s look badass & their all-weather driveability put the POS rear-drive, fly off-the-road guzzlers we have in most PDs over here to shame. However, constantly driven vehicles should clicken the diesel option, jah?

  5. Oops! now corrected. I put together about a dozen entries last night. This was the 2nd last of them. One on friction testers in general to come. Shouldn’t post when tired.

  6. It shows clearly that a bold colour like saffran yellow would work with the 9-5 wagon. I suspect Burnt Orange will give similar astonishing effect.
    Would be nice for all customers to choose those and many other.

  7. And why saab/Gm doesn’t get involved itself in installation of E85 pumps all over the place ? If we have to wait till shell, texaco, esso or someone else makes neccessary moves, a lot of kerosine will be burned into to skies.

  8. That’s awesome – to see Germans NOT using BMW’s and giving Saabs the gig!
    Confused why all the emergency vehicles aren’t yellow or lime green?

  9. According to the link Ctm posted it could not be BMW or anything rwd or awd (probably). It measures the data from a special rear axle installation. Probably would be unusable if it was powered…

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