My first Saab sighting in China

I know there’s probably a few there by now, but this is the first Saab photo I’ve seen coming out of China.

For some reason, this excited me.

It’s from Flickr and there’s some notes there about the location. Apparently there’s a section of Shanghai that’s semi-styled in a Swedish manner. Apparently there’s several sections styled after various cities around the world. The photographer found it most appropriate to see this 9-3 parked here.

Shanghai Saab

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  1. I was going to say China looks a lot like Sweden, then I read the “semi-styled in a Swedish manner” comment. Neat idea. Kinda like Cleveland where there’s a “Little Italy”, but that just happened that way because Cleveland’s so ethnically diverse.

  2. I hope that isn’t one of those Chinese knockoffs!

    On the other hand they may decide to bring back the hatch which would be a good thing.

  3. Wait, look closer at the pic, the hood badge says: “SABA”

    Just kidding 😉

    Looks like a nice neighbourhood, maybe a Swedish enclave for ex-pats ?

    Interestingly, China being the biggest potential auto market in the world, if their consumers (and local makers or joint ventures) increasingly drive the global demands, WHAT IF Saab China or Saab Asia decides certain body styles or models will be more important than others. Would that influence decisions made in Sweden and Detroit ? Witness the new Buick Park Avenue based on the new Zeta platform … it may be exported to other markets including N. America instead of the other way around.

    Anyway, some food for thought.

  4. Ken:

    You’re right about the Chinese market influencing a lot more as time goes on.

    There are Chinese automobiles that should be available in the US as early as 2009. It is what it is.

  5. I travel to China often on business. We travel to a city called “Guangzhou”. There is a Saab dealer there! But I never see them on the road. Even in a city of ten million people. Anyway, you should do some research on how much money a Saab costs in China. Crazy.

  6. There is a SAAB CLUB in China with many fans, I am one of them. This is my third SAAB in China – 9-5 AERO. GM China has 12 SAAB dealers in China and Shanghai is their best market so far. They sell 35~40 SAAB in shanghai monthly.

  7. Forget about the Chinese market demand for hatchbacks. (As a general rule) The Chinese hates hatchbacks, and estates to a lesser extent.

    Heck, they even stick a boot/ tail on the following cars: Vauxhall Corsa/ Renault Clio/ Peugeot 307/ Citreon ZX/ many others.

    I almost fell out of my taxi when i first saw a saloon Clio.

    Apparently there was this misguided perception of what a ‘car’ (asopposed to van) should look like, and in that vision it had to have a boot.

    It’s changing now, slowly, after all Golf is still a hatch in China (they even have a Bora hatch, oh, and a Peugeot 306 dressed up and called a Citroen, Chinese car market must be the weirdest inthe world).

    As for SAABs, I have seen the odd one and two evey time I visit, and from various car forums, there seem to be a small yet very enthusiastic SAAB owner circle.

    Swade – did you not receive one of my emails about an accident involving a 9-5 running into the back of a lorry in China?

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